West Marine Price Match Policy | Low Price Guarantee on In-store & Online Purchases

If you are a boating fan, West Marine carries top quality and a variety of boating products. If you are a water lover and in search of boating parts, clothes, or recreational equipment then it is the best place to visit with great deals and discounts. West Marine price match policy also makes your shopping experience convenient. To know more, go through this article. Learn how you can request a price match if you find a lower-priced advertisement for an identical product.

Does West Marine Price Match?

Yes! West Marine price match all the items from boating parts and clothes to their recreational equipment. They ensure the accuracy of their pricing for all the goods they sell. You can price match at a local retail store within 30 days of the time window and get a 5% of the price difference. The retail store itself provides lower and updated prices but if a customer finds a low price on an identical product, they can request a price match. The retail store associates will process and verify the product with the help of the proof that you provide for lower pricing. Customers cannot include exceptional items and have to follow certain criteria.

West marine items

West Marine Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period30 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceOnly Amazon
Where can I do a Price Match?Local store and Online
Contact Number1-800-262-8464
Official Website LinkWest Marine

Criteria for West Marine Price Match

Although, the West Marine price match, it follows certain criteria which consumers have to keep in mind. The customers have to accept these conditions before they request a price match. Following are the conditions that West Marine states.

  • The product must be identical in its components, serial number, color, size, and brand
  • You cannot ask price match for exclusive items which were in the sales
  • West Marine does not accept a price match of products with price errors
  • Ensure that the request is made along with valid proof of a lower price
  • They only price-match local retail stores within a 50-mile radius & Amazon.

How to Process West Marine Price Match?

West Marine is the best in terms of quality and variety and they assure pricing on their items. There are simply two ways to process the West Marine price match. You can visit the nearest store or request it online.

1. Online: Make sure that the product is valid for price match. You can contact customer service at 1-800-262-8464 or chat about the price request on the website.

2. In-store: You can visit the nearest store with proof of a low-price product and request a price match. Provide the name, advertisement, and price of the competitors’ products. The associate will confirm the price and check if the product meets all the price guarantee requirements. Afterwhile the verification they will accept the price match.

Exceptions of West Marine Price Match

Although the retail store provides a West Marine price match for all the products, there are certainly some exceptions. Check out the list mentioned below that includes all the exclusion cases where West Marine does not price match. These exclusions include both in-store & online products of the brand.

  • Coupon items, clearance sale items & used products
  • Refurbished, open box & promotional goods
  • Tax promotions, ad errors, or store service items
  • Auction sites like eBay & Amazon marketplace
  • Warranty, plus plans, BOGO offers, flash sales, rebates & gifts with purchase

Does West Marine Price Match Items with Price Errors?

West Marine’s price match policy claims that despite their best efforts there might be one case where a price error problem occurs. While they ensure pricing assurance, they have not specified anything about price matching a price error item. They directly cancel an order if the issue arises. They might consider pricing errors a part of exclusions where they will not accept a request for a price match.

Does West Marine do Price Adjustments?

West Marine guarantees that they provide the best possible lowest price for the goods they sell. If the identical product which you buy has a low price at another retail store then West Marine will process price adjustments. If the product price is greater than $5 then they will adjust the price difference and refund $5. Apart from that if the price difference decreases then the consumer can get the product for free.

Hacks to Save at West Marine

Aside from the West Marine price match, you can save some extra bucks. We have some hacks and tricks through which you can delight your light pocket. those hacks are as follows

  • Purchase a gift card that has no expiration date and can be used online or in-store. You can select the e-gift card online and customize a message
  • Join the West advantage program and get daily rewards. You can get points for every dollar you spend
  • When you buy a membership you get travel discounts and member special offers on your purchases
  • You can claim a plus product protection program and get the products starting from $4.44. The program will allow protection for your products

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does West Marine's price match with its competitors?

West Marine prices match local retail stores within a 50-mile radius.

2. Does West Marine price match Amazon?

Yes, West Marine will price match all customers request to match prices with Amazon.

3. What is the time limit of West Marine's price match?

The 30 days window has to be followed if the consumer is expecting a price match at West Marine.

4. What are offering prices on West Marine's official website?

Regular and Original prices are offering prices on the website of West Marine.

Start Shopping!

Once you are familiar with the West Marine price match, you can shop conveniently at the store or online. Simply make sure you follow the conditions and know the exclusions of the policy. It will help you to easily process your request and get it approved when verified. Also, the money-saving hacks will definitely help you save some bucks and the different programs online will help you secure your purchase. You might also like to know about REI price match policy.

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