Does Walgreens Price Match or Price Adjust For Their Customers? Here Are The Details

Walgreens, owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance, is one of the leading pharmacy and drugstore companies in the US. To your knowledge, it holds second place for the largest pharmacy chain in the US right after CVS health. Walgreens sells a variety of products like skincare essentials, vitamins, medication kits, contact lenses and glasses, different kinds of medicines etc. Being a leading drugstore chain in the US, many people expect fair price promises from Walgreens when they find their purchased item at a lower price from other stores. But do they have any official Walgreens price match or price adjustment commitments listed on their website? Continue reading this article to find out.

Does Walgreens Price Match?

There are many pharmacy chains in the US that compete straight with Walgreens. These competitors include CVS Health, Walmart, McKesson, Rite Aid and JCPenny. So a price match policy becomes very essential for them to draw more customers. But unfortunately, Walgreens does not match prices with any of its competitors. There is not even an official Walgreens price match policy listed on their website.

On top of this, they will not match prices with any of their products across its different stores. So, Before making a purchase from any of your nearly located Walgreens stores, it is always a good idea to cross-check prices on stores located on the other side of the town. This simple step can save you a lot of money and you won’t be disappointed after making the purchase. 

walgreens price mach Price Match

So now we all now know that Walgreens price match is not possible with competitors. But there are many retail stores that happily offers price match with their own online store. Walgreens is also one of them. If you see a product at a lower price on their online store and want to grab that product instantly from your nearby store, they will happily match the price to the latest deal. However, there are some conditions and exclusions on requesting a price match with


  • Price will not be matched if you bring screenshots or printouts of any previous day’s pricing. They do not consider screenshots or printouts as valid proof of lower price.
  • The last thing to make sure is that the product advertised for a lower price on their website must be identical in every way to your purchased product.


Walgreens contact lenses

  • They will not price match any online price drops during calculated sales (promotional discounts).
  • Any false pricing listed by mistake will not be eligible for a price match.
  • According to Walgreens price match policy, price match is not possible for the purchase of contact lenses, photos and pharmacy or health services.
  • The price match will only be possible on a single transaction per day.

Note: If the product is out of stock on the company’s website during a sale, then they will not offer any rain check coupon. (If a product is out of stock during the sale then customers can get a rain check coupon if the seller permits. This coupon enables them to buy that product at the sale price even if the sale has ended, once it becomes available. As mentioned, this is not possible with Walgreens)

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Walgreens Price Adjustment

No. Unfortunately, Walgreens’ website does not mention any official Walgreens price adjustment policy. This means that even if you have bought a product from their own store or website and the price goes down right after your purchase, they will not give you any partial refund.

Tips To Save More At Walgreens

Are you a regular customer at Walgreens? Well, there is nothing to be disappointed about that Walgreens does not provide price match and price adjustment. There are several other ways too which can help us save more money at Walgreens.  Let’s take a look at the different hacks-

walgreen bogo ad

  • Join the myWalgreens Customer Loyalty Program to receive 1% Walgreen cash storewide and 5% on store-branded products.
  • Buy more from the Walgreens app to get exclusive offers and deals during checkout.
  • Get Walgreens coupon codes from different promotional websites to save more on your next purchase.
  • Make use of the register reward to register your mobile no and use the register reward discount of $2 on your next purchase.
  • Browse and clip through the digital coupons available on the Walgreens webiste.
  • Get your flu shot done at Walgreens and earn $5 cashback.
  • Join the Prescriptions Savings Club to save more on daily medicines.
  • Shop on senior days to get promotional discounts on all purchases.
  • Look out for weekly BOGO offers at Walgreens that would save a few more bucks for you.
  • Join the Walgreens newsletter to get early access to upcoming deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Walgreens match prices?

No, Walgreens does not price match with other competitors but only its online store.

2. Can we price adjust at Walgreens?

No, there is no policy as such mentioned in their website.

3. Does Walgreens raincheck?

Yes, it does and the raincheck does not expire.

4. How does Walgreens cash work?

For every $100 you spend you earn $ 5 as Walgreens cash.


As mentioned, Walgreens does not offer a price match with any of its competitors. And yes, any product advertised for a lower price on, will actually qualify for a price match at the Walgreens store if it satisfies the price match criteria that we mentioned. Also, keep in mind is that Walgreens price match is not possible across different Walgreens stores located in your town. So, before making a purchase, it is up to the buyers to make sure that they are getting the best price. In the meantime, you can also check out our other price match policy articles on CVS and Wayfair.

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