Vitamin Shoppe Price Match | The Complete Process with Criteria, Exceptions & Best Deals [2022]

When you buy from a brand regularly you must know about which all deals and discounts they offer for you to take advantage of. You must know about the policies like price match that different brands offer. If you are a regular Vitamin Shoppe consumer then you should know about the Vitamin Shoppe price match. Go through this article to know how they compare their prices with their competitors along with other ways to save some bucks on your purchase.

Does Vitamin Shoppe Price Match?

Yes, Vitamin Shoppe price match their local competitors and this is a described list. You can match the lower price and get the difference back in the form of a refund. You can only price match identical products and will need to show the purchase proof to process your price-match request. Make sure you carry a receipt of the purchase that you made while requesting a price match.

Vitamin Shoppe Price Match

Vitamin Shoppe Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment PeriodNot Specified
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Where can I do a Price Match?In-store and Online
Contact Number(866) 293-3367
Official Website LinkVitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe Price Match Criteria

You must be aware of the price match criteria to be eligible. There are a few conditions that are a deal-breaker and gives the brand full rights to reject any request. So it is recommended you check the following conditions before your request:

  • You must present legit proof of a lower price
  • You must only request when the item is identical
  • The item should be in stock
  • A price match will only be eligible with select competitor

With whom do Vitamin Shoppe Price Match?

As mentioned above, you can only price match with selected competitors, here is the list with whom you can price match.

Eligible Competitors
Whole Foods
Lucky Vitamin

How Can I Price Match at Vitamin Shoppe?

Vitamin Shoppe price match is possible in two ways, you can either go for the in-store price match process or the online process. Both are quite friendly policies and it does not take much time to process them. Although it is recommended to be aware of the conditions before your request to speed up the process.

Vitamin Shoppe In-store price match

In-store price match: You can simply visit the nearest Vitamin Shoppe and request your price match at the counter. You will need to carry the proof at a lower price. It can be either a paper ad or a digital copy of an ad. After which they will verify your claim and upon confirmation, will give you your refund.

Online price match: The same can be done online. You can either go to their website and have a chat with the customer representative and ask for a price match. They will ask you for proof, so keep it ready and then upon confirmation, you will get the refund.

Another way would be to call the Vitamin Shoppe for a price match request. They will ask you for proof and your purchase receipt and you must help them with these few details and you are good to go.

What Can I Not Price Match?

There are few products and certain circumstances when Vitamin Shoppe price match will not be eligible for you. You must know what is restricted in the policy. Here is what you should do before you make your request at Vitamin Shoppe.

  • Third-party sellers from Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Jet will not be eligible.
  • Amazon subscribes and saves offers will not be eligible for price matches.
  • Items sold on sale can not be price matched.

Will Vitamin Shoppe Price Adjust?

Vitamin Shoppe Price Adjustment

Yes, Vitamin Shoppe will price adjust. This means that you can price match in-store and online prices as well. The exception here is that you can not price match the in-store prices with the online prices and vice versa. Although matching price is easy, you must keep an eye out for the price change in their store and online.

Shopping Tips For Vitamin Shoppe

If you shop from Vitamin Shoppe, you can help yourself with a few shopping hacks that can help you save money on your next purchases. You need to be attentive to the details and make sure that you are shopping effectively. Here is what you can consider next time you go to Vitamin Shoppe.

  • Check out their occasional sales and save big on bulk purchases.
  • Shop around holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving.
  • Enroll for their membership and save a certain percentage on every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an identical product?

The product you price match should be the same in size, model, quantity, brand, and color.

2. Is prices and in-store prices same?

No, the online prices will vary from the in-store prices at Vitamin Shoppe.

3. When do online promotions and prices change?

Vitamin Shoppe generally updates its promotions and prices every week and sometimes every month.

4. Does Vitamin Shoppe price match Amazon?

Yes, the brand does price match Amazon but not to any third-party seller on Amazon.


We hope this would help you to understand how to shop better at Vitamin Shoppe. You can use Vitamin Shoppe price match policy if you find a lower-priced item from the list of competitors that the band match the price with. It is great that even after shopping, you can still price match. In the end, they will have the right to accept or reject your price match request. You may also like to check GNC price match policy to know if they provide a price match or not and with whom.

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