Ulta Price Match Policy Details Explained For Every Customer with its Eligibility and Exceptions

Ulta Beauty, Inc. formerly known as Ulta is one of the leading beauty retailers in the United States. It sells a vast variety of beauty products for both men and women which includes cosmetics, hair care products, fragrances and colognes, skincare essentials, Body lotions, shower essentials, Beard grooming kits etc. And when buying an expensive beauty product from them, many expect an Ulta Price Match guarantee. In this article, you will have all your answers regarding the price match at Ulta.

Does Ulta Price Match?

Many people do not understand the term price match. Price match is just like bargaining but with official proof that the competitor is offering the same product at a lower price. Price matching is possible both at the time of purchase as well as after you’ve purchased it. Of Course, only if your competitor allows it.

It is a straight fact that Ulta is not the only beauty retailer across the USA. There are many deserving competitors like Bluemercury, Sally Beauty, Sephora, Urban Decay, Purplle.com, The Body shop and many more. In such a competitive beauty market, having an Ulta price match guarantee becomes a necessity when buying from them. But unfortunately, they do not price match with any of their competitors nor do they have a price match policy listed on their online store Ulta.com.

ULTA Store

Ulta.com Price Match Policy

Many beauty retailers do not offer price matches with their competitors but will gladly match their online prices. Unfortunately, Ulta is not one of them. Any Ulta brick & mortar stores will not match the price with the online prices listed on Ulta.com. And to be clear it is not true that online prices are always lower compared to in-store. Sometimes it is the exact opposite. You can find some products a bit cheaper in their stores also, it varies from product to product.

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Ulta Price Adjustment

Price adjustment is a feature that comes in handy only when your favourite store drops prices right after you’ve already purchased from them. You can ask for a price adjustment directly at their store if the item is in their specified price match period. And sadly, Ulta does not adjust the price on any product purchased from them. Whether you purchase from their store or their website, once you’ve made a purchase, they will not offer any partial refund. 

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Shop More And Save More

Ulta Rewards Card

Ult is often our one-stop destination for all beauty and fashion needs. But do you that there are ways that would help us save more money while shopping at Ulta’s? Let’s take a look at these shopping hacks

  • You can join Ulta’s Ultimate Reward Program to earn 1 reward point for every dollar you spent.
  • Check out the current ads section on Ulta’s website.
  • Sign up for Ulta’s email and get early access to exclusive discounts and offers.
  • Additionally, you can also search for coupons from promotional websites.
  • Buy discounted gift cards from Ulta and save more while billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Ulta offer price adjustment?

No, it does mention of any such policy in their website.

2. How many days is the return policy of Ulta?

You have to return it within 60 days from the date of purchase.

3. Does Ulta price match its own stores?

No, according to their policy no store price can be price matched.

4. What is Ulta customer care number?

You have to call them on 866-983-8582.


We have cleared the air on Ulta’s price match and price adjustment policies. And the simple takeaway is that Ulta does not price match its competitors nor do they price match with their online website. On top of that, they do not offer price adjustments on any product bought from themselves. So at the end of the day, it is up to you to find the best deal for any product you want to purchase. Though you are missing out on many fair price promises when buying from Ulta, they already have a very good pricing structure for their products. In our opinion price match promise is not a primary necessity when the retail company is giving the best competitive pricing in the market. If you are a regular buyer from Nordstrom and Michaels, you can also go through their price match policies.

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