Tractor Supply Price Match Policy | Guidelines For Lower Price Guarantee

Every retail store and large scale company have come up with a price match policy to retain their customers. Tractor Supply is the best company for all tractor accessories, farm food and farming products have started the same. Tractor Supply price match policy guarantees to give the best possible price to all its customers. They provide the best merchandise and the policy will help you figure out how its works and what the conditions are to request a price match. Check out this article to learn about it in depth.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match?

Yes! Tractor Supply price match its competitor’s online and in-store. They keep an eye on the pricing policies of other retailers and try to come up with the best pricing details. You can request the merchandise that you purchase from the retail store within 30 days. After the given period window, the brand reserves the right to deny your purchase. You must ensure that the product you request a price match for does not fall under exclusions. Follow the conditions and then request a price match for the merchandise you purchased from Tractor Supply.

Tractor Supply Store

Tractor Supply Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period30 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Where can I do a Price Match?In-store or Online
Contact Number877-718-6750
Official Website LinkTractor Supply

With Whom Tractor Supply Price Match?

Tractor supply prices match the major supplies of farm products, animal food & tractor accessories. They surely do price match with its competitors in-store and also online. Keep in mind that the Tractor Supply price match is not available for competitors’ pricing errors. When you process the request you have to sure that the competitor is selling the merchandise at lower prices. Tractor Supply’s generally matches prices with Amazon, Walmart, Target, and eBay. Although any third-party seller on their online sites will not be eligible.

Tractor Supply Price Match Conditions

Certainly, there are conditions in which your product should fall through to the associates or accept your request for a price match. Following are the conditions that you have to keep in mind.

  • Make sure the product is identical in terms of components, model number and brand
  • Drop in a request only if your purchase does not fall under exclusions
  • Make sure to bring in proof of lower price
  • The price must be valid and the product must be in-stock at the time of price match
  • Do not request a price match for pet wash services

Are there Exclusions in Tractor Supply Price Match?

Indeed there are exclusions when you request Tractor Supply price match with competitor’s merchandise. You have to ensure that the requested product does not fall under the list given below. Only then the brand will accept your request for a price match.Tractor Supply Sale

  • Competitor’s price on refurbished, damaged or used items
  • Pricing of products sold or delivered by third party seller
  • Strictly refuse items which are in clearance sale or special offers
  • Exceeding the window limit of 30 days
  • Discounted products, promotional sales or offer items
  • Tractor Supply services like delivery or trailer rental

Does Tractor Supply do Price Adjustments?

Yes! The brand provides Tractor Supply price adjustments which help the consumer get the best price on their purchase. A customer has to bring in a product which is identical in every term from model number to brand. Only then the retail store will accept the request for price adjustments. The amount difference of the merchandise will be reflected in your account through the same mode of payment done.

Tips to Save Some Bucks

We made sure that you get the best deals and discounts on the purchase you make from Tractor supply. Thus, we have listed down some tips and tricks through which you can save money from your shopping. You should necessarily follow the points to save some bucks and benefit your shopping apart from the Tractor Supply price match.

Tractor Supply Credit Card

  • Download the Tractor Supply app and get quick refills of propane anytime you want
  •  You will get 24/7 free vet services through the app
  • They will provide you with the perfect gift card which you can use for different occasions and purchases
  • When you purchase a gift card of $50 or greater amount, you surely get a $5 bonus card for your future purchases
  • Enrol on the neighbour’s club program and earn points. When you earn 500 points you will get a $5 bonus cash reward
  • Certainly, when you claim a Tractor Supply credit card, you will get $5 cashback and 5 points on every purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Tractor Supply price match with Amazon?

Yes, tractor supply will price match with Amazon but not a third party seller on Amazon.

2. Does Tractor Supply price match with Walmart?

Yes, Target will match Walmart's price if the product follows all the conditions.

3. Does Tractor Supply price match with Target?

Yes, Tractor supply will match price unless the product is on sale.

4. Whom can I contact to price match at Tractor Supply?

You can call their customer care while carrying the proof. The number is 877-718-6750

Start Your Tractor Shopping

Start shopping with the Tractor Supply price match policy that will guide you toward the brand’s price guarantee policy. Also, experience the best outcome of the services that the store provides and benefit yourself with the tips & tricks that we have mentioned above. You might want to check out

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