Tesco Price Match Policy | Make Your Price Match Easy With Conditions & Detailed Process

Customers look after to knock off some amount of money from their weekly billings when they purchase from any store. In such cases, price matching allows the stores to increase their accountability and assures that their price remains competitive. Tesco price match policy is written with the same idea of providing the best prices to their customers. Let’s discuss how the policy works and what are its exclusions that customers have to keep in mind.

Does Tesco Price Match?

Tesco price match its eligible competitors and provide its customers with competitive prices. Tesco has pre-matched the prices of their food products in advance. They do not price match any other items like electronics, clothes or other products. The customer should keep in mind that the product must be identical before requesting a price match. The product must meet all the conditions that the brand states. Tesco only matches prices in-store and not online. They will verify the product and the price along with the proof that you bring in. After the verification, they will ensure you that the request is accepted or not.

Tesco Store

Tesco Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment PeriodNot Specified
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Where can I do a Price Match?In-store and Online
Contact Number00 44 1992 632222
Official Website LinkTesco

Conditions for Tesco Price Match

When you bring the merchandise purchased for a price match you have to ensure that they meet certain conditions. Tesco price match policy states some conditions which you have to keep in mind while requesting a price match. The associates will verify the product based on those conditions.

  • Bring a proof with the merchandise bought from the store
  • Make sure the product is identical in terms of its brand, model number, size, quantity and colour
  • It should not fall under the exclusive category
  • Must be available in-store at the time of price match

With Whom Tesco Price Match?

Although Tesco matches the pricing of its food products in advance, The products that Tesco price match may vary on weekly basis. The brand keeps a close eye on its competitor’s pricing policy. As of now, they only price match Aldi.

How to do Tesco Price Match?

Tesco price match in-store

There are two ways through which you can do a Tesco price match. They are as follows

1. Online: Every once or twice a week Tesco checks the pricing of its products online. Although they price match in advance, you can contact customer services to request a price match if you find a lower price for the same merchandise. Make sure the product is identical before contacting Tesco customer services.

2. In-store: Visit the nearest store and request the price match. You can go to the customer service desk or if necessary talk to a manager about your request. Most certainly go with proof in case they ask for it. It will help the processing speed up and they can quickly verify if your product price match request is valid or not.

What are the Exclusions of Price Match?

Although the brand allows price matches for their products, there are some exclusions. It includes the products that are not eligible for a price match. Go through the list below to know what exactly are the exclusions of the products.

  • Gift cards purchases
  • Offers and promotional products
  • Unnecessarily used, damaged, open-box and refurbished items
  • Deals, clearance and discounts
  • Per cent off or advertised merchandise

Does Tesco do Price Adjustments?

No, Tesco does not do price adjustments. They have not mentioned anything specific about price adjustments in their price match policy. If the company would do so they may have added it to the policy. Hence, there is no information about the Tesco price adjustments so they might not provide the benefit of refunding the difference amount.

Hacks to Save at Tesco

Apart from Tesco price match policy, you can save some bucks while shopping at Tesco stores or online. Some of the hacks are listed below.

Tesco Weekly Ads

  • Visit the website and go to the special offers section to acknowledge new deals and offers
  • Get a club card to get some amounts off on your purchases
  • You can check out some of the promoted offers to claim the products with lower prices
  • There is an option of filling your plate through which you get a specific amount off on the food products
  • Go through the weekly offers to save yourself some bucks while shopping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Tesco price match Aldi?

Yes, Tesco will price match Aldi but the product should be identical.

2. Are Tesco prices same across all their store?

No, the price may vary from store to store but the difference is very less and it is based on the location of the store.

3. Are Tesco online and in-store prices same?

Tesco claims that the prices of online and in-store products are the same at the day of delivery.

4. Do all Tesco store price match?

Yes, all Tesco stores will price match including Tesco superstore, Tesco Metro, and Tesco Extra

Also, Know That

Tesco price match is not applicable on other items except food products. They only allow price matches for the food items and also within a specific time window. You can definitely try the hacks to shop efficiently at Tesco and have a convenient experience. You may also like

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