Understand Target Price Match Criteria and Eligible Competitors For Successful Price Match [2022]

Price match policy can be a great policy for any customer who knows how it works. We are here exactly for that, to let our readers know what they would be missing if they are not using the full benefits of the Target price match policy. Let us start with getting to know more about how it works and when you are eligible to use it.

Does Target Price Match?

Yes, Target matches prices with its major competitor locally and online. There are more than 35,000 items covered by the Target price match policy. The policy will be available to you if you can find a lower price for the same product you purchased from Target. It is important to keep certain things in mind to determine whether you are eligible for a price match.

Target Price Match

Target Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-800-591-3869
Official Website LinkTarget
Where can I do a Price Match?Contact customer care or visit their store.

What Are The Criteria For This Policy?

Certain terms and conditions must be followed by every customer to avail of this policy. The request for a Target price match is only accepted when the customers follow the criteria. We have helped you with the details below to ensure your request is accepted.

Target Price Match

  • Not all competitors are eligible, there is a specific list of qualifying competitors.
  • Price match between two brick-and-mortar stores is not possible to match.
  • The price match can be requested only once for one product.
  • Within 14 days of your purchase, the request must be made.
  • The product with a lower price should match the bought product in colour, quantity, and brand.
  • You must bring proof of lower price along with you.
  • If you need to adjust the price after purchase, you must have your receipt or packing slip.

These are the criteria that must keep in your mind. Following this, there are also restrictions on companies with whom Target matches prices. We have helped with that detail as well.

List of Competitors

Not all companies are eligible for the Target price match policy. There is a specific list and we have shared it with you below. So, if you are looking to match the price with a company that is not mentioned below, then you won’t be eligible and your request will be denied.

List of Companies
Costco.comHomeDepot.com BedBathandBeyond.comJCPenney.com
Macys.com Newegg.comOfficeDepot.comPetco.com
Petsmart.comSamsClub.com Sears.comSephora.com

Target Price Match Process

target price match process

The target price match policy is quite simple. Knowing the details certainly helps and that is what we are going to help you with. Look at the process in detail and it might save you some time. The process will give you an idea of what will happen once you have found the proof to match the price with Target.

  • You need to visit the store within 14 days of your purchase.
  • Request them for a price match.
  • Show them the product you purchased from Target with the receipt.
  • Then, avail them with the proof of lower price elsewhere.
  • Based on the eligibility and terms, your request will be accepted/denied.

This way Target helps their customer to match prices and help them save some extra bucks.

Exceptions For Price Match

Target Price Match

The company has also added some exceptions to its price match policy. These exceptions must be carefully read before you start your process to price match at Target. The policy is the same for both cases, whether you have purchased from their retail store or online store. Let us take a look at the list of exceptions

  • Store clearance, used, refurbished, other non-brand-new items, and damaged items.
  • Products bought using coupon offers, promo codes, loyalty points.
  • Any pricing errors because of typographical mistakes.
  • Third-party fulfilment on the website of competitors.
  • Alcoholic items are an exception to this policy.
  • They won’t price match for the stores in Hawaii or Alaska.

You can also contact their care at 1-800-591-3869 for any help with target price match online purchases. Additionally, you can find your nearest store before visiting.

Does Target Do Price Adjustment?

Target Receipt

Yes, price adjustment can be done at a target within 14 days of the purchase. If you have bought any product from the store and found the change in price within 14 days of the purchase then you are eligible for the Target price adjustment. Although, you must know the criteria for the same.

  1. Original receipt of the purchase you made.
  2. You must provide proof of the lower price. (printed ad, website, email ad, etc)
  3. If you are verified, you will receive the difference amount in the same way you ordered or bought the product.

Shop More Save More

We all love to shop from Target. From our essential items to home decor items, Target is our one-stop destination to put a tick on our checklist. But do you know that apart from Target Price Match and Price adjustment Policies, there are several other ways too which can help us save more money? The following ways help you cut costs at Target

Target Red Card

  • Make use of Target’s Wedding Registry to enjoy a 15 % completion discount to buy items that are not on your list.
  • Join Target’s circle reward program to earn 1% cashback with all eligible target purchases.
  • Carry your reusable bags to get 5% off on the bill
  • Get coupon codes from different promotional websites to save more on your next purchase
  • Buy more during the no-tax weekend to save 8% on billing
  • Shop either early or late during the holiday season sale as Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc.
  • Prefer to buy more online rather than in-store to get exclusive online discounts at your fingertips.
  • Take a look at Target’s online clearance section to enjoy up to 50% discount on items.

These secret Target shopping tricks could save you so much money. Give them a try and let us know how much you saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does target price match amazon?

Yes. target offers price matches with identical products available on amazon.com. You can match the price at the time of purchase or within 14 days after the purchase.

2. Does target price match Bestbuy?

Yes. You can ask for a price match for any identical item available at Bestbuy.com for a cheaper price. Price match is available both at the time of purchase or within 14 days after the purchase.

3. Does target price match GameStop?

Yes. You can request a price match to target for any identical items available on GameStop.com at a cheaper rate. As mentioned, target offers a price match for both at the time of purchase as well as within 14 days from the date of purchase.

4. Does target price match Walmart?

Yes. If you find any item listed for a cheaper price at walmart.com, you can ask for a price match. Price match is available for both at the time of purchase and within 14 days from the date of purchase.

5. What stores does target price match?

For price match at target.com, the competitor's store must be located within 25 miles radius from the billing address mentioned in the purchase receipt. They provide price match with selected online competitors mentioned in detail in our Table.

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Now the real question is, is it worth it? Should every customer be known of this policy? Well, we think that now and then customers would love to save some money for themselves. The target price match policy is one of those policies that will help you save money. Although it is only possible when the customer is known to all the details and has the time to check upon them. Hence we look forward to providing ease to all our readers to access all such information here. In the long term, this policy will certainly be worth it and if you wish to know more about the Target.

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