Staples Price Match Eligibility, Exceptions and Complete Process in Detail For You [Explained]

Staples is known for selling office supplies and stationeries to the entire US, Canada, and UK for about 35 years now. It serves through more than 1000 stores and 40 warehouses throughout these three locations. Recently the company has started Staples price match policy. With this policy, customers can get the lowest pricing on any product at Staples, simply by presenting proof of any other store’s price if it is lower than Staples’ price, at any Staples store. Alternatively, if a customer buys a product from Staples and later on finds the same product elsewhere at a lower price, he or she will get a refund of the price difference.

Does Staples Price Match?

There are certain criteria, rules, steps, and exceptions of availing this price match facility by Staples. We will discuss all the aspects of Staples Price Match in detail. A short introduction of these details is given in the following table.

Staples Price Match

Staples Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-800-333-3330
Official Website LinkStaples
Where can I do a Price Match?In-store or E-mail must be provided

Staples Price Match Policy Process

The process to apply for a price matching and adjustment at Staples is very simple. The step-by-step process of applying for  Staples Price Match and completing the price adjustment is listed below.

  1. Find a Price Which is Lower Than That of Staples: The first step to process a price match is to find whether any product sold by here is available at any competitor’s online or offline store at a lower price within 14 days of your purchase from Staples.
  2. Collect the Proof of the Low Price: When you go to the store for a price match, the first thing that you have to do is to produce the proof of the low price. So, make sure you carry an advertisement or bill from the other store that can prove the lower price of the same item available at Staples.
  3. Present the Proof to the Staples Store Associate: Show the proof of low price to the store associate of Staples in the Staples store or for validation.
  4. Complete the Refund Process: After approving the proof of low price from the other store, the store associate of Staples, will instantly process the refund of the price difference.

Competitors That Staples Price Matches With

Staples price match is applicable for prices offered by any of its local competitors’ online and offline stores. Apart from this it also offers price matching for products shipped and sold by under the same brand.

Name of Specific Online Retailers
Office Depot Best BuyCostcoDellWalmart
AmazonHPQuillMedical Arts PressReliable
Sam's ClubOffice MaxWB MasonXerox

Products Eligible For Staples Price Match Policy

staples price match

Staples Price matches for all the items it sells. Just make sure that they are completely identical to the items available at a lower price in other stores. The identicality of the items refers to the same model number, components, and U.S. warranty. Before processing the price match, Staples will check whether the item is in stock. It may also check whether any authorized U.S. reseller is willing to sell the item at a lower price. In the case of a product with a service plan, like a wireless phone, the service provider and other terms of service must be the same.

Products, Not Eligible For Price Matching

Some certain products and services do not qualify for the Staples Price Match. These are products and services sold at Staples’ stores or its Competitor’s stores on special events. These special events are generallyStaples Price Match

  • Clearance sales
  • Timed or liquidation sales
  • Grand opening sales
  • Anniversary sales
  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday type of sales.

Other Exception of the Staples Price Match

There are still some more exceptions to the Staples price match policy. These exceptions are different scenarios of lower prices by Staples’ competitors. The specific exclusions are certain fees and hidden charges from the bill of the competitors. It also includes a low price on its bill due to the exclusion of certain taxes, warranties, or typographical errors. We are listing the exception of their for your convenience-

  1. Instant Rebate, Mail-in Rebate, Gift Card Rebate, etc: Staples will not match the price if the low price of any competitor is due to an offer of instant rebate, mailed-in-rebate, or a gift card offer.
  2. Delivery and Shipping Charges: The price matching at Staples is not provided for shipping charges when the competitor does not offer free shipping. Then, Staples will process the final price matching after adding the shipping charge levied by the competitor.
  3. Application of Coupons: Any specific purchase done at a lower price due to the application of coupon will not be eligible for price matching at Staples. Alternatively, if the matched price does not meet the requirements of the coupon then also the price matching will get disqualified.
  4. Quantity of Price Match: The facility, available to the customers of Staples is limited to one price match per customer, per item. Staples will automatically reject additional price matching requests if you have already exhausted the allowed number of chances.

Staples Price Adjustment

staples price adjustment

Apart from the price match benefits, Staples also offers price adjustment facilities to its customers. This means that if the price of a product purchased at Staples drops at Staples itself, then the customer gets a refund of the price difference. There is a very simple process to avail of the price adjustment. If you made the purchase online, you just have to submit the details by calling the number, 1-877-360-8500. For in-store purchases, you have to visit the store with the receipt of your previous purchase at Staples.

Tips To Save More In Staples

Staples is often our one-stop destination for office supplies. Do you know that apart from staples price match policy there are other ways too, that would help you save a few more bucks on your every purchase? We have curated a list especially to show you the ways to cut costs at Staples

Staples Coupon

  • Sign up for the staples reward program to earn rewards on your every purchase
  • Collect their weekly coupons  and use them at their cash counter while shopping
  • Buy more on their clearance deals online as they have the lowest price deals.
  • Redeem the staples redeem points to earn cashback.
  • Get discounted coupon codes from different promotional websites and use them to enjoy exclusive promotional discounts
  • Shop in-store on Sunday to enjoy new sales and promotions.

Staples could be much more fun shopping, when you are aware of its all shopping secrets. It could also save you so much money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can i do the price match online?

No, you have to visit in store to do the staples price match

2. Do we need prof for a low price match?

Yes, providing the proof of purchase is the first thing on the list.

3. Does Staples price match with costco?

Yes, costco is a competitor for staples price match.

4. Can i price match for 2 items together?

No, you can only avail one price match per customer at a time.


We have discussed various aspects of Staples Price Match in detail. The different criteria of price matching and its exceptions are also shared here. We hope that you found the information provided here interesting and useful. With this, we aim to give you an insight into the price matching policy of Staples. If you feel that you did not get the lowest price, you can always apply for a price match. This may help you get all your necessary office supplies at the guaranteed lowest price.

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