Complete Sephora Price Match and Price Adjustment Guide with Exceptions For All Sephora Customers

Shopping at Sephora can be quite a delightful experience for all the beauty brands and makeup enthusiasts out there. Sephora is originally a French company. And apart from being popular for offering mostly high-end products, they also offer branded products at cheaper rates compared to their rivals. But do they offer any Sephora price match policy? And if not, what about the Sephora price adjustment or price guarantee policy? Let’s find out.

Does Sephora Price Match?

The price match strategy is generally used by many retailers and brands today. This increases customer loyalty for the brand. Sephora offers one of the best beauty products that generally includes skincare, cosmetics, hair care, body fragrance, and nail colours. So, do they offer a Sephora price match or not? Well, as of now, there are no mentions of a price match policy on their official website.

Though there is no official provision of a price match or price protection, their customer support FAQ section mentions that they may match the price with some retailers for non-sale items only. So you may use the store locator and visit the nearest Sephora store or call their customer support to request a price match. To know the name of eligible competitors, read the below section.

Sephora Price Match Store

Eligible Competitors

Sepora’s customer support page mentions some of the following eligible retailers for the price match. Remember that Sephora price match is only possible at retail prices and not any sale, discounts, or special offer items.

Sephora's Qualifying Competitors
Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus

Now let’s find out if they have a Sephora price adjustment policy or not.

Does Sephora Offer Price Adjustment?

So now that we know that Sephora does not price match with its rivals, let’s see if Sephora’s price adjusts or not. When it comes to Price adjustment, the cost comparison of an identical product takes place between the same brand or store. So, in the case of Sephora, the price comparison should take place on the same item at different Sephora stores.

So, do they provide a Sephora price adjustment or not? Unfortunately, no. As of now, Sephora does not price adjust. So once you buy a product from Sephora, and later on find out a price drop on the same product, they will not provide a price adjustment. The absence of a Sephora price adjustment policy concludes that the moment you buy a product from Sephora, it’s all yours unless you decide to return it.

Shop More Save More With SephoraSephora Beauty Insider

Sephora is heaven for everyone who wants to look and feel the very best. Cosmetics, haircare, fragrances – Sephora’s got everything. We know that there isn’t any official statement on Sephora price match, but is there a way to still save some bucks?  Fortunately, you won’t have to pay a bunch on your next purchase if you know the following things.

  • Sephora’s beauty insider program gives you access to win lots of reward points that help you claim freebies from their reward bazaar.
  • Though Sephora doesn’t offer price adjustment, you may get your partial refund if your bank or the credit card company provides the facility of cost protection.
  • Sephora is one of the few retailers that accept returns on open cosmetics if they are used gently. So return the item if you’ve paid considerably more.
  • An underrated option is to use their mobile app which helps you find promotional offers that you won’t find anywhere else, including their store and website.
  • Don’t miss out on their “beauty offers” page where you can find attractive limited-time offers and free products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which retailers does Sephora price match with?

Though there isn't any official statement on this, their customer support section specifies the following brands. Nordstrom, Barneys, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

2. Does Sephora price match with Nordstrom?

Yes. Their customer supoort FAQ page do mention that they'll match the price of an identical item with Nordstrom.

3. Does Sephora price match with Walmart?

No. Sephora doesn't offer any price match with leading retailers like Walmart, Amazon. Their customer support page also excludes brands Net-a-porter, Morphe from any sort of price match.

4. Does Sephora offer price match on sale items?

No. Sephora only honours price match with regular retail price. You cannot request a price match with other retailer's sale prices, discounts or special offers.


Though there isn’t any official statement on the Sephora price match policy, the best way to deal with the situation is to reach out to them. This is because their customer support page still names some eligible retailers (like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, etc) for price matches. Go to the store with a competitor’s listed price or call their customer support within 5 days of your purchase. We hope this was helpful. You may also read similar articles on Ulta and CVS.

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