Does Sears Price Match with its Competitors? Check Out the Details Available to all Customers at Sears

This is an age of consumerism. Most popular brands and retailers want to offer services to their customers such that they would keep coming back to them. In this regard, most big brands are giving a price matching facility to their customers as a guarantee to offer the lowest price in the market. It is a guarantee by the brands that their prices and offers on any product are the best in the market. Here we will discuss what is the Sears Price Match Policy and how to apply for it.

Does Sears Price Match?

Sears price match policy says that if a customer finds an item is available at a lower price in any other local retailer’s store, he or she can just carry the coupon or advertisement to the store’s sales associate at the time of purchase. If the discount on the item is offered on the same date then the buyer gets the product with the same offer in the Sears store itself. Let us look at some important criteria that will help you understand when you are eligible for a price matching at Sears.

sears price match

Sears Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period30 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-800-349-4358
Official Website LinkSears
Where can I do a Price Match?In-Store and Online.

Eligibility Criteria for Sears Price Match

To successfully avail of the discount, if any of it is applicable on your purchase, you have to make sure that the criteria of the price match policy are met. Here, we will let you know in detail all the criteria of Sears Price Match that have been listed by the company-

  1. The time limit to avail of the Sears price match benefits is within 30 days of purchase.
  2. The offer from the local competitors must be valid on the date on which you are applying the price matching.
  3. Price matching will only be given on the purchase of items listed as ‘Sold by Sears”
  4. Any Marketplace items or any items sold by Sears Outlet or are not viable under the Sears price match policy.
  5. It is mandatory to bring the original advertisement of the competitor’s offer to apply for the price match at Sears.

All the above-mentioned steps are necessary to apply for the Sears price match facility for your purchase at physical outlets.

Application Process

Let us discuss the process of applying for the price matching facility under Sears so that you can be sure of getting the best price for your purchase. 

  1. You have to render the original advertisement proof to any sales attendant present at that moment in the Sears store to avail of the Sears Price Match.
  2. Carry your bill from Sears to verify that the offer is available for the same brand, model, and specification when you go for matching the price.
  3. Verify that the date of purchase and the date on which the offer was available on that item are the same when you apply for price matching.

Carry all these documents to the Sears Sales Associate to apply price matching successfully.

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Sears Price Match Exceptions

Price Match exceptionsCertain situations disqualify the purchase of any item for the Sears Price Match facility. Knowing them in advance will save you the efforts and hard work in availing the facility in conditions where it is otherwise not applicable. The exemptions listed are as follows

  1. Certain offers and prices, are provided only for online purchases.
  2. Prices of items advertised only as a per cent off or dollars off.
  3. Mailed in offers or instant rebates
  4. Offers that include financing
  5. Free product without any qualifying purchases.
  6. Bonus or Combo offers
  7. Sales tax promotions
  8. Clearance, damaged products, closeout, or used products sale.
  9. Buy one get one free offer when the retail price is not displayed in the advertisement.
  10. Offers to ask for competitor’s coupon
  11. Competitor’s price match offers.

Note Only the items listed under, “Sold By Sears” are eligible for price matching under the Sears price match policy.

Sears Price Adjustment

The facility of price adjustment is also available with Sears. Knowing about the requirements of price adjustment will make sure that you get the price difference credited to you. The process of price adjustment is quite similar to the process of Seras Price Match.

Sears Price Match

  1. Check how identical is your product with the product on offer
  2. Make sure you purchase the item for which you are seeking a Sears price adjustment exists on their official web page.
  3. For online price adjustment, make sure that you did not buy the product from a physical outlet.

Sears Price Adjustment Features

Price adjustment facility for the products purchased from Sears’ official websites is also available with Sears. Keep the following information in mind and you can claim your price difference.

  1. Check, if your claim qualifies for the identicalness of the product, like its brand and model info.
  2. If you bought the item Sears’s official webpage, only then you will be able to apply for a price adjustment.
  3. Products from Sears’s official outlet are not eligible for a price match at its online store.
  4. Price adjustment is applicable only within 30 days of purchase of your product.

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Tips To Save More At Sears

sears ads

Sears is one of the largest departmental store chains in the USA. We all love to buy products from Sears. From tools, appliances to apparel we get our checklist ticket at Sears. But, do you know that apart from Sears’s price match policy there are other ways too, that would help you save a few more bucks on your every purchase? We have curated a list especially to show you the ways to cut costs at Sears-

  • Use the Sears mobile app to get exclusive discounts.
  • Sign up for the Sears emailing list to get up to exclusive deals on your next purchase.
  • Browse through their weekly ad to know the super saver deals.
  • Get yourself a sears credit card and earn reward points on every purchase.
  • Look out for their clearance and stock out sections to enjoy more discounts.
  • Get discounted coupon codes from different promotional websites and get them redeemed at Sears
  • Shop from the deals of the day to save more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the original bill a must for the price match process?

Yes, you need to carry one proof of purchase along with you.

2. How many days is the price match valid?

You have to price match it within 30 days from the date of purchase.

3. Can bonus combo offers be price matched?

No, according to price match exception policy of Sears they cannot be price matched.

4. Where to go for a price adjustment?

You have to visit Sears official outlet for processing the price adjustment request.


We have discussed all the important criteria that qualify your purchase for Sears price match and adjustment policy. We have also discussed the process to avail of the price match facility successfully. Side by side, we have also listed the exceptions so that your efforts for price adjustment never go in vain. We would also recommend you to check out the Fred Meyer and Zappos article for a similar price match policy.

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