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While shopping from any store, every customer looks after the satisfaction of their purchase. To provide such satisfaction, companies and retail store provide price match & price adjustments policies. For such reasons, the Sams club price match policy will help you shop worry less. To know the details about how it works and what it includes, go to this article. We have mentioned all the details within this post.

Does Sams Club Price Match?

Yes, Sams club price match their online and in-store competitors within 7 days of purchase. Their merchandise has to meet several conditions and limitations for the consumer to request a price match. Every consumer is allowed to price match a product once per day. It has a hassle-free process and they deliver all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The stores’ policy states that they commit to providing absolute low prices on the merchandise that they sell. Sam’s club can price match another club online and in-store but have some exclusions which are not eligible for price matching.

Sams club price match store

Sam's Club Price Match
Price Match Period7 Days
Contact Number1-800-749-5367
Official Website LinkSam's club

With Whom Sams Club Price Match?

Sams Club price match with many in-store and online competitors to prove that they provide the lowest prices to its consumers. They claim that they provide the best deals but their competitors are ready to beat the prices. Go through the list given below to know who is Sams Club’s major competitors in the market.

Sam's Club Qualifying Competitors
Good Sam
Giant Eagle

What are the Conditions for Price Match?

While Sams Club price match, it also includes some conditions through which they accept the request of a customer. Although the process is easy, consumers have to necessarily follow the terms and conditions that the store asks for. Go through the following points and match the criteria before requesting a price match.

  • The product must be in its original packaging & not used
  • The request for the merchandise placed must be identical and available
  • Products must be the same in every aspect like serial number, components and brand
  • Merchandise should be out of the exclusions list for the associates to accept the request

What are the Exclusions for Price Match at Sams Club?

Sams Club store

Although the brand provides a hassle-free price match process, every consumer should keep in mind that they don’t bring the purchase made in an exclusive case. The brand reserve a right to deny your request without prior notice to price match the product if it is purchased in an exclusion period. Check the exclusions listed below.

  • Purchases made from offers, sales and discounts
  • Any rebate, damage or refurbished items
  • Clearance & markdown products
  • Auction site products & Advertised items with per cent off signs

How to do Sams Club Price Match?

You just have to go through a simple process and make sure the items meet the conditions offered by the store. Ensure the product for which you request a price match is not included in exclusions. You can price match the products at Sams Club online or in-store.

1. Online: Visit the official website and request a price match by contacting customer care. Make sure you present the proof of the competitor’s product with lower prices. They will verify the product and its prices before accepting the request.

2. In-store: When you visit the nearest store to request the price match, ensure you carry the proof of lower prices. You can bring in the proof any way you want. It could be a screenshot of a website, a flyer or a printout. Once you present the proof, the associate will verify the item and its pricing.

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Does Sams Club do Price Adjustments?

Fortunately, yes. Sams Club price adjustments are available in-store. They do not provide adjustments online. If you bring in an identical product with the same components at lower prices, Sams Club will accept your request after seeing the proof and give you the price difference. The credits will reflect in your account in the same way as the purchase made.

Ways to Save Money

There are other simple ways and tips which every consumer can follow to save some money while shopping from Sams Club. You can go through the points mentioned below to save yourself some bucks and shop easily besides referring to Sams club price match policy.

sams club members

  • Get the Sam’s Club membership to get members-only off on several products and merchandise. You can join members plus to get free shipping and up to 2% cashback on every purchase
  • Visit the website and go to the savings & clearance section to get every deal and discount for your daily purchases
  • Certainly, get a Sams Club credit card and unlock 5% cashback deals on your purchases
  • From Sams Club master card you can earn different rewards and unlock gifts
  • Sams Club gift card will help you gift your favourite products to your near and dear ones. It is the best way to save money and shop on occasions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for free shipping from Sam's Club?

Plus members and Club members are eligible for free shipping for up to 10 addresses.

2. What is Sam's Club's member satisfaction policy?

Sam's club provide the best quality products to their consumers are also at the lowest prices. That's why they provide members with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. From where the consumers could get all the perks of shopping?

Members can get a Sam's Club Plus card to get all the perks of shipping, delivery and discounts.

4. Does Sam's Club allow refunds and returns on online purchases?

Yes, Sam's Club provides refunds and returns on the merchandise that the consumers purchase online. You have to go through their return policy to know more.

Also, Know That

Sam’s Club provides their consumers with beatable prices. It is the best alternative for every departmental store. You can earn rewards by shopping online and getting yourself some free credit points. Never miss out on the deals that they provide when you go through the Sams Club price match policy. You may also want to check out Fred Meyer price match policy.

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