Petco Price Match Complete Understanding of Eligibility, Exceptions, and Process Step by Step

Petco is one of the premium pet and pet products retailers in America. It also offers various pet-related services like grooming and training of dogs, vaccination, treatment, and therapies for animals.  It is already one of the most favoured companies for animal lovers. But due to the recent increase in competition, it has launched a price match policy.  This policy aims to offer services and products to the customers of Petco, at the guaranteed lowest price. Here we will study the various aspects of the Petco Price Match Policy. The process to avail it and other terms and conditions of the policy are discussed below.

Does Petco Price Match?

Yes. Petco promises to offer a price match with any online advertised price of its listed competitors. These competitors include,,,, and The product that you want to price match must be identical to the competitor’s advertised product. It is important to keep a few guidelines in mind while planning to avail a Petco price match. The aspects and conditions are listed in the table given below.

petco price match

Petco Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number(877) 738-6742
Official Website LinkPetco
Where can I do a Price Match?In-Store and Online.

Criteria For Price Match

petco price match

The price match policy of Petco says that if the price of a pet product or service available in Petco’s store or is higher than the same product in another store then the customer will get a refund of the difference between the two prices on meeting certain criteria. Let us look at the criteria for matching price at Petco.

  1. Identicality Of Items: It allows comparing the prices only of items of the same brand, model, size color, etc to avail a price match on their purchase.
  2. Proof of Low-Price: It is important for the customer to bring proof of the low price of Petco’s competitor. This proof could be a printed advertisement, a flyer or website link, or a payment receipt of a recent date.
  3. Availability of The Product: It is very important that the product for whose price the price match in intended, be available in-stock in the store.
  4. Online Competitor Criteria: Petco matches the price with any online competitor that is listed in its eligible competitor’s list.

Process of Petco Price Match

A step-by-step guide to processing the price matching at Petco will help you never miss the lowest price on your pet products purchase. The price match process is given below in the right order.

  1. Contact within 14 Days: The first step to do for a price match at Petco is to discover a lower price within 14 days of your purchase from Petco. Similarly, you have to contact Petco within 14 days of discovering the low price in a competitor’s store.
  2. Render the Proof of Competitor’s Low Price:  Remember to carry the proof of competitor’s low price to avail a price match or refund of the price difference from Petco. You have to share the printed ad or a bill, or a link to the online ad for validation.
  3. Collect Your Product at A lower-Price or Accept Refund: Once the store associate approves your price match request, you will get a lower price for your product or a refund of the price difference will be paid to you.
  4. Petco Price Match, Online: To process a price match with Petco online, you just need to call the number (877) 738-6742 or visit their official website.

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Exceptions of the Petco Price Match

petco exceptions

yyThere are certain situations and products for which Petco doesn’t allow price matching. Let us discuss the exceptions to ensure a smooth price match –

  1. Lower Price of Competitors Due to Errors: Sometimes the bills or advertisement of any competitor of Petco can display a low price due to printing errors or some other mistakes. In such cases, Petco will not offer a price match.
  2. Unavailability of Product: They can decline any price match request if the product is not in stock at their store.
  3. Third-Party Markets: Sometimes some third-party companies offer a reduced price for some products and services. Such low prices are not eligible for a price match under Petco’s Policy.
  4. Live Animals: Since Petco is a pet store, it also sells live animals for adoption. Any of Petco’s competitors can sell the same animals at a different price. But Petco their Policy restricts price matching for live animals.

Petco Price Adjustment Policy

Petco also allows price adjustment. It means that if the price of a product sold by Petco drops within 14 days of your purchase, you can claim a price adjustment. Once Petco validates your price adjustment claim, they will refund the price difference to your original mode of payment. To avail of Petco price adjustment, you have to call the customer care number of Petco or visit the store with your purchase receipt.

Tips To Save More At Petco

PetcoPal rewards membership

From pet food, supplies and services we get all our pet need to be fulfilled at Petco. We often visit Petco but do we know that there are certain ways to save more money at Petco? Let’s take a look at those shopping hacks

  • Sign up for the PetcoPal rewards membership to get 5 points for every dollar spent.
  • Make use of Petco curbside pick up to get your goods delivered without any charge.
  • Get a Petco subscription done for repeated orders and enjoy a 5% back in pals reward.
  • Get discounted coupon codes from different promotional websites and get them redeemed at Petco
  • Check the Petco survey at the bottom of the bill and enjoy $2  off on your next purchase.
  • Sign up for the Petco birthday club to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals.

At the same time you can also check out what secrets Petco don’t want you to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can PetSmart employees price match?

Yes, as long as the product bought is identical and in store.

2. Does Petco accept competitor coupons?

Yes Paetco accepts all manufacturers coupon.

3. How do I use my pals rewards online?

You can log on to the pals reawrd program online and redeem the rewards points.

4. Do I have to pay for Pals Rewards?

No, the enrollment is free of cost.


We hope that we’ve answered all your questions regarding the Petco price match and price adjustment policies. Their policies are very straightforward as mentioned. Both policies allow you for a price match within 14 days. We have explained the steps you need to follow for the price match. We have also covered some important qualifying factors for the price match along with the price match exclusions. Additionally, if you are a regular shopper at Newegg and Office Depot you can also go through their price match policies.

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