Old Navy Price Adjustment and Price Match Policy Process and Other Details For Every Customers

Old Navy is one of the oldest fashion clothing and accessories retail chains for more than 25 years now. But it has started facing competition from many new retailers, off late. So, to keep its customer base intact, Old Navy has also introduced its policy for price matching. Here, we will explain the complete Old Navy Price Match Policy along with its criteria, process, and exceptions.

Does Old Navy Price Match?

Old Navy price match policy promises to decrease the price of its products to match the price of its competitors. To process the price match successfully, customers have to bring proof of the low price.  If their request is approved by the store associate, they can get a refund of the price difference. Here is some information that might help you with the price match process.

Old Navy Price Match

Old Navy Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number18004277895
Official Website LinkOld Navy
Where can I do a Price Match?In-Store and Online.

Criteria For Price Match

Old Navy Price Matching tags

Before requesting a price match under the Old Navy Price Match Policy, we need to know its criteria. Old Navy offers price matching to keep the price of its products guaranteed lowest. We are going to list all the criteria in which Old Navy offers a price matching on its purchases.

Match the Product to Match the Price: Old Navy guarantees a price matching and adjustment on the purchase of identical products. To avail a price match in Old Navy, the competitor’s low price should be for the same product. But, the brand, size, model, etc of the product must match to avail this facility.

Contact Within 14 Days of Purchase: If you get a product at a lower price than at Old Navy Outlet or online store within 14 days of your purchase, you can apply for the Old Navy Price Match guarantee.

Process of Price Matching

The correct method of requesting for matching the price at Old Navy will help you get the price difference quickly.

old navy price match process

  1. Produce Original Receipt To Apply The Price Match: Always remember to carry the original receipt of your purchase from Old navy as well as a copy of the ad in which the competitor has announced its price. These two documents are mandatory evidence to support your Old Navy Price Match claim. Present this proof to any store associate of Old Navy outlet. For online purchases or requests,  share the details on the official website of Old Navy or by calling their customer care number.
  2. Wait for the Validation of Your Request: After submitting your request for the price match, you have to wait for the store associate or customer care executive of Old Navy to approve your price matching request.
  3. Instant Price Match: Some products sold at the online store of The Old Navy Store are eligible for an instant price match. Refer to the display beneath each product to find out if it is available for instant price match.
  4. How to Apply Instant Price Match?: To apply for an instant price match you have to click the link of “Instant Price Match” and submit the important details for a lower price with the link.
  5. Receive The Price Difference: Once the Old Navy associate approves your Price Matching request you will receive the price difference in your original mode of payment.

Exceptions of The Policy

Old Navy Price Match exceptions

There are certain restrictions to the Old Navy Price Match facility. It is important to know these exceptions to avoid any mistakes in applying for a price match.

  1. Item Purchased With Any Promotional Discount: The products that are available at the store of any competitor with a promotional offer are disqualified for a price match as per the Old Navy Price match policy.
  2. Some Restricted Brands: The Old Navy Price Matching is not allowed on purchase of certain brands such as the Athleta Store, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap.
  3. No Price Matching For Clearance Sale Prices: The price matching policy of Old Navy restricts any items sold by the competitor during their clearance sale.
  4. Quantity of Purchase: Old Navy does not allow the resale of its items, as such the quantity of purchase with the Old Navy’s Price Matching is also limited to 10 items per customer.

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Old Navy Price Adjustment Policy

They also have an official Old Navy price adjustment policy which states that, If the price of any product purchased from them, drops within 14 days of purchase on their stores or website, it is eligible for a price adjustment. Price Adjustment can be requested by calling the customer care number or by sending an email to [email protected].

Shop More and Save More At Old Navy

We all love to buy products from Old Navy. From fashion to accessories we get everything sorted when we buy from Old Navy. But do you know that apart from the old navy price match policy there are other ways too, that would help you save a few more bucks on your every purchase? Let’s take a look at those shopping hacks

old navy credit card

  • Sign up for the Old Navy credit card to get 5 points for every dollar spent
  • Get discounted coupon codes from different promotional websites and get them redeemed at Old Navy
  • To skip the shipping fee collect your online purchased items from old navy curbside and in-store pickup points.
  • Sign up for old navy text alerts and email newsletters to get early access to all promotional discounts and deals.
  • Take part in the super cash program to earn super cash points redeemable on your next purchase.
  • Buy more from their clearance section deals to save more
  • Shop during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to save more.

Shop smartly and save much more eveytime you shop at Old Navy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Old Navy price adjust?

You need to call their customer associate within 14days from the date of purchase to process the price adjustment.

2. Does Old Navy do price adjustments for sales?

No, for sales there would be no price adjustments made.

3. Can Old Navy look up my receipt?

Yes you can contact their service team with any other proof of purchase to look for the original receipt.

4. Can you price match Old Navy without a receipt?

No, without an authentic proof of purchase it is a very difficult process.


The above description presents a detailed discussion of the Old Navy Price Match Policy. We have also mentioned the features and criteria for availing the price matching benefits at the Old Navy stores. We hope that the information provided by us helps you understand Old Navy’s price match policy’s time limit. Additionally, it may also throw some light on, the restrictions of the price match. Consequently, may this improve your shopping experience with Old navy. Additionally, if you are a regular shopper at Toys r us and Zappos you can also go through their price match policies.

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