Office Depot Price Match Criteria, Exceptions, and Other Details For Ease in Matching Price Anytime

In this article, we will talk about Office Depot Price Match and other pieces of information related to price guarantees. In today’s world who doesn’t want a money saviour option for a good buy. Let’s dig up more into this article and know about the Office Depot price match policy. Scroll down to stay connected.

Does Office Depot Price Match?

Yes, Office Depot offers a price match policy to its customers. As per the Office Depot price match policy, before purchasing if you find a lower rate of an identical product in-store or online at a competitor’s place. Then you can opt for this option. Please go through the below list to know about the criteria of price match:

  • The product should be identical not only in the brand, colour, size but also warranty period.
  • The product should be in stock at both the locations i.e in the Office Depot store as well as in the competitor store.
  • If you want any product which comes with a service plan then it has to be the same.


Office Depot Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-800-463-3768
Official Website LinkOffice Depot
Where can I do a Price Match?Contacting service center. or website.
Visit the nearby official store.

Office Depot Price Match Criteria

There are some conditions that your item must fulfil for a price match at office depot.

  • The item that you want to price match should be identical to the product listed for a lower price by the competitor.
  • The advertised product must be in stock on the competitor’s website at the time of price match.
  • The product advertised by the competitor must be a first-class product. Any price drops on refurbished or factory second-hand products do not qualify for a price match.
  • The price match will be imposed after deducting any instant savings or coupons offered by the competitor.

Office Depot Price Match Process

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So, before purchasing the product if you found out that the competitor is offering a lower rate to the same one. Then you can opt for a price match policy all you need to do is to go through the following points which will guide you to understand more efficiently.

  • A printed advertisement needs to be shown which contains a lower price offer of an identical product.
  • If an advertisement is on competitor websites then you can show it on your mobile/laptop.
  • The product should be identical.
  • The store associate will check the eligibility of the product and proof authenticity.

Note: Office Depot has the right to cross-check personally with its competitors about a lower rate of identical products. 

Competitors’ Eligible for Office Depot Price Match

Office Depot does not offer a price match with all the competitors. So, here is the following list with whom they do price match:

Eligible Competitors For Price Match

Exceptions for Price Match

exceptionsThere are exceptional ones in which Office Depot doesn’t offer price match or price adjustment options. To get a clear understanding go through the following exceptional points. 

  • Any product sold by a third party on a competitor’s website.
  • Product price based on  Holiday sales.
  • Any product which is part of a clearance sale redeveloped one.
  • Availability of stock is a must for price match options or adjustments.

Note: Without prior notice, Office Depot can cancel the price guarantee.

How Can You Shop Smart Using Price Match Policy?

The price match policy is working as a money saviour option for customers. For instance, if you purchase a product from store X and then find out that store Y offers you the same product at a lower price. Then, in this case, you can opt for a price match policy in which the company will cross-check competitors’ prices and if it is ok then they will offer you a lower rate.

Does Office Depot Price Adjustment?

Apart from the price match option it also provides a price guarantee to their customer, this option is available after purchase. If you bought any product from Office Depot and later found out that its price has dropped then you can opt for this option. 

Price Adjustment Option: This process is applicable for the after-purchase products. It gives 14 days to the customers to avail this option from the purchase day.

  • If you bought any products from an online website, you can showcase the price in a nearby store
  • If you bought it from the store, then you can match it with the catalogue.
  • Store service will check the price and order number for further process.
  • After validation of the product, they will refund the amount.
  • Show your product within 14 days of your purchase to opt for this process.

Shopping Hacks At Office Depot

office depot deall of theday

Office Depot is often the one-stop destination for all stationery supplies.  We often buy from Office Depot but are you aware that there are certain ways to save more money at Office Depot? Let’s take a look at those shopping hacks-

  • Sign up for the Office Depot emails and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • Enrol on the Office Depot rewards program and get 2% off back on every purchase.
  • Print your papers, manuals and resumes with their self-service printing.
  • Collect coupons to get discounts on shopping.
  • To use Office depot for business purposes, join their office depot business select and get early access to various exclusive deals.
  • Look out for deal of the day and clearance section deals.
  • Shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to save more on your regular purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Office Depot adjust price if item goes on sale?

You will not get price adjusted for sale items.

2. Does Office Depot have a price guarantee?

Yes you can do price match up to 14 days from the date of purchase.

3. Does Office Depot price match on refurbished products?

No, you cannot price match on refurbished items.

4. Can i get the refund amount for price adjustment done?

Yes,the balance amount would be credited back to you.

Is It Worth It? 

Here, we conclude our article about Office Depot price match. We have covered the eligible competitors’ list also. Hopefully, this will help you to understand more about policy for your future reference. This article will help you to save money and do smart buying. In the meantime, know more about Office Depot. If you have any doubts feel free and ask in our comment section.

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