Does Nike Price Match? Here is All Yous Should Know, Along with Ways to Save Money

Nike holds the top spot when it comes to premium athletic & stylish footwear. Besides sneakers, it offers a variety of wearables & accessories for men & women. Even though Nike hosts regular seasonal sales, regular buyers often have to find ways to save during off-seasons. This brings us to a question, – does Nike price match other retailers? Is there a Nike price adjustment policy to claim a partial refund? Here’s what we’ve found.

Does Nike Offer Price Adjustments?

There is no yes or no answer to this question. A price adjustment promise from Nike would help you get a partial refund if the item drops in price right after your purchase. But sadly, Nike’s website doesn’t state any official price adjustment promise. Some websites state that a Nike price adjustment policy that’s valid for 14 days post purchasing if there’s a price drop.

Nike store

It is worth mentioning that Nike’s 2015 tweet talks about the Nike price adjustment policy but the link directs to their customer support page.

Nike Price Adjustment Process

If your Nike merchandise drops in price after your purchase, then your best bet is to contact Nike’s customer care immediately. Note that Their support team may or may not be able to fulfill your request, but there is no harm in trying.

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Conditions for the Price Adjustment

For a successful partial refund of your money, you need to make sure of the following Nike price adjustment criteria.

  • The product which dropped price must be identical – i.e., Same model, color & size.
  • You’ll need your original purchase receipt from

Note that there’s no official promise from Nike. So the customer care executive on call is free to make the final decision on a price adjustment.

Does Nike Price Match with Other Retailers?

A price match would help you compare and match prices of identical items from other retailers. To answer your question, No. People’s favorite shoe company, Nike does not offer price matching with any other retailer store/website. So before making a purchase, you should be well aware of the prices at different retailers.

How to Get the Best Deal on Nike Purchase?

When you buy your favorite Nike merchandise by paying a hefty price, it’s wise to check the product page every now and then. If there is a considerable price drop within 14 days, call their customer care and request a partial refund.

Nike Price Adjustment

  • Visit different retail stores around your location that sells Nike merchandise.
  • After searching for a specific Nike product on your smartphone then you are bound to encounter ads for that item. Don’t ignore these and rather be responsive.
  • Compare various online prices to get the best possible deals. You may also check out deals on Auction sites like StockX.

Ways to Save Money At Nike

A Nike price adjustment surely comes in handy to save some bucks after making a purchase. However, there are various ways to save money when buying from this well-known shoe store.

1. Find Promo Codes Find promo codes from third-party sites like Groupon and wired. You may find codes worth anywhere around 20-40% for your next purchase.

2. Nike Membership – Become a Nike member to get timely notifications about upcoming sales, discounts, and member exclusive offers.

3.’s Sale Section – Shop from the Sale section to find discounts for up to 40% off on quality merchandise.

Nike Sale Section

4. Discounts for Exclusive Professionals – Nike also offers 10% discounts for military personnel, students, and first responders as well as for customers with medical professions.

5. Nike Factory Store – Visit your nearest Nike Factory Store Factory stores are the best place for an in-person shopping experience at affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Nike Price Match for Online Purchases?

Nike doesn't match any online or local competitor's price before or after making a purchase. It best to buy from some other store if the same item is cheaper there.

2. Can I Adjust the Price After My Purchase?

Although there is no official price adjustment policy at Nike, people have claimed that the retailer offers 14 days to adjust the price on any purchase from their official website. So you can contact their customer support at 1-800-806-6453 and find out your eligibility.

3. Can I Get a Student Discount at Nike?

Yes. Nike indeed offers a 10% student discount to all high school, college and university students in America. However remember that student discounts cannot be used for in-store purchase. You can only redeem student discounts while purchasing from or its app.

4. How Do I Contact a Nike Expert while Purchasing on the Nike App?

Open the Nike App and tap on the profile tab. Open your member rewards and find Nike Experts for specific sport and styling questions.

Start Shopping from Nike

Nike won’t price match identical items of any online or local retail store. There is not an official Nike price adjustment policy either to guarantee the lowest possible price. However, it is advisable to reach out to their customer care if an item deops price right after your purchase. The executive on call may be able to help you save some bucks with a partial refund. Don’t miss pout on the Zappos price match policy.

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