Understand Newegg Price Match Policy Guide For Every Customer with Eligibility and Exceptions

Price match is a unique policy adopted by companies nowadays for better customer retention. This policy ensures that the customers get the best price. We will explain how in particular Newegg price match policy works along with the price adjustment policy as well. These two policies have a minor difference between them and the company may offer either one of these or both. Read ahead to know about them in detail.

Does NewEgg Price Match?

At NewEgg, they want you to purchase with confidence and to provide a stress-free shopping experience. Hence Newegg does provide a price match policy of 14 days on selected items. The Newegg price match policy states that customers can match prices with other major retailers. This means if you find a competitor offering a better price for the same product sold in Newegg, they will match the price and you can therefore save money. There are certain criteria to make you eligible for a price match.

Newegg Store

Newegg Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number800-390-1119
Official Website LinkNewegg
Where can I do a Price Match?Contact customer care.
Visit the nearest outlet store.

NewEgg Price Match Criteria

newegg price guarantee

You need to be eligible for a price match at Newegg. So in case, you have recently purchased at Newegg or if you are thinking to make a purchase but are not sure about it. You can go through their criteria to know whether you will be eligible for their price match or not. Let us take a look.

  • Newegg will only match the prices of major national competitors when it comes to price matching. In other words, it competes with US-based retailers.
  • This policy requires that you claim an item that meets specified colour and size requirements.
  • Only you can obtain a refund if you find an identical product for sale within 14 days after your purchase.
  • Stock availability is another critical factor. Matching or adjusting an out-of-stock item will not be possible.

How Does Price Match Policy Works?

As per NewEgg Price Match policy, here are the conditions under which Newegg will match the price. You will receive a Newegg Customer Care card that will be valid on both the Newegg website and mobile application for 90 days. The Price Match Guarantee may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice, but any eligible price match requests submitted before the date the guarantee is discontinued will be honoured.

  • You’ll see the price match badge on every eligible product page.
  • Lower prices can be found online at Newegg or at various retailers* that offer the same model and brand. Notify them of the purchase 14 calendar days after it was made.
  • Fill out a claim form available here to request a price match at Newegg.
  • Prove the difference in price between the retailer and yours.
  • When the features of your item, i.e. size and colour, match the features of the competitor’s product, you qualify for price matching.
  • Newegg will match the price of its listed major competitor retailers as well as internally.
  • Furthermore, the competitor you wish to price match Newegg’s product must be able to be considered a competitor.
  • Likewise, if you find a cheaper price on Newegg’s online platform, you can also request a price match for the product you’ve already bought.
  • Show the bill for the item you purchased from their official website.

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Exceptions For Price Match

Price match badge

There are a few exceptions that are not followed by NewEgg price match policy. To ensure that your product is eligible for a price match, you should check its eligibility first.

  • No refund will be given for items purchased on public holidays, such as Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.
    Some important days are excluded from price matching, including the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday sales.
  • Price matching does not apply to identical items available on special clearance or sale at a competitor’s store or website.
  • Any item that does not have valid proof of authenticity and verification will not qualify either.
  • Likewise, price matching is not valid for items purchased under a special offer, discount, coupon, etc.
  • Items with limited stock availability may not be eligible for price matching.
  • Newegg does not match prices on refurbished or resale items at competitor sites.
  • For a price match, you won’t be able to match refurbished or resale items at competitors.
  • In Newegg’s price match, shipping costs are considered, but any specials associated with it will not be.
  • In the case of items bought from Newegg, sales tax is excluded from the price matching process.
  • Pricing errors by a competitor or by Newegg is an exception in the policy.
  • For the Newegg price match system, one item per customer is matched.
  • The involvement of a third party in a price match claim is not permitted.

These exceptions could be the key to your price match request being successful at Newegg.

NewEgg Price Adjustment

Price adjustment is similar to price match the only difference is that the company will match the price with their product if there are to decrease the price within a certain period after your purchase. Within 14 days from the date of purchase if the price drops at any Newegg store you can avail the NewEgg Price adjustment policy to get the balance to mount refunded back.

Shopping Hacks At NewEgg

From computer hardware to electronics components, Newegg is often the one-stop destination for all electrical supplies.  We often buy from Newegg but are you aware that there are certain ways to save more money at Newegg? Let’s take a look at those shopping hacks


  • Sign up for the NewEgg premier membership and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • Enrol for students discount to avail premier membership at a discounted price and enjoy other benefits too.
  • Get Newegg’s Military discount to enjoy discounts and perks.
  • Shop more from the on ShellShocker deals to get exclusive discounts.
  • Look out for marketplace spotlight deals.
  • Shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to save more on your regular purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a refund if the price drops at the same store?

Yes you would get the balance amount refunded from the store.

2. Can you return and then rebuy for getting discount?

You can just process the price match request to get the same discount on your purchased product.

3. How many days to get it to price match?

In NewEgg you get 14days to price match or adjust your purchased item.

4. Can I process Newegg price match online?

No you have to visit their store to process the request.

Final Verdict

Here we conclude our write-up on the NewEgg price match policy. Hope our article was helpful to you and you were able to successfully match the price. If you find yourself with any problem, feel free to write to us in the comment section. If you are a new customer of Newegg we would recommend you to know read more about their store. in addition, you can also find Apple and Rei price matches under our online retail category.

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