Mattress Firm Price Match | Criteria & Process of Price Guarantee Explained

Mattress Firm is the largest retailer that provides the best bedding products at competitive prices to its consumers. They claim that the customers will find the lowest price and most affordable products. Along with that it also has a Mattress Firm price match policy that states a variety of conditions, exclusions & time windows. Let us move ahead to know the policy in detail and how exactly the process works.

Does Mattress Firm Price Match?

Yes, Mattress Firm price match within the 120 days window and guarantees their customers that if they find a low-priced bedding product, they will return the price difference. They claim to beat any mattress prices in the marketplace or online. They can beat any competitor’s price by 10% for the same product advertisement. Mattress Firm is ready to refund the price difference in your accounts or even mail you the credits. You only have to follow some terms and conditions and make sure the product you request a price match for does not fall under any exclusions.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period120 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Where can I do a Price Match?In-store
Contact Number(877)384-2903
Official Website LinkMattress Firm

Condition of Mattress Firm Price Match

Yes, indeed some conditions apply to a Mattress Firm price match. The product you request a price match for should follow certain criteria for the associates to accept the request online or in-store. The conditions are the same for both processes while requesting a price match. These criteria are as follows

  • Price match requests should be made within 120 days of purchase
  • The product must be the same and their components should be identical
  • The proof of the advertised product should be valid
  • Both parties must have the product available and in stock
  • The product should not be from the excluded items

With Whom does Mattress Firm Price Match?

Mattress Firm price match with its top competitors in the market. If you find a low-priced product advertisement and you bring it to the store, the Mattress firm will refund the price difference. If any local retailer or a large-scale retailer advertises their product at a low price, Mattress Firm will refund the amount. The list of large-scale retail competitors is as follows.

Mattress Firm Competitors
The Bricks
Sleep Country
Furniture Row
Hilding Anders
Mathis Brothers
Sleep Number
Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

How to Request A Mattress Firm Price Match?

There are two ways to request a price match. You can visit the store with the proof of price match or you can contact customer care online. Know the process in detail that the retail store follows.

Mattress firm store

1. Online: You can visit the store with valid proof and request a price match. mattress Firm does not price match the products online with overstock sites like or with auction sites like eBay.

2. In-store: Visit the nearest store and go to the customer care desk to request a price match. Bring valid proof in the form of a printout or a flyer to show to the associates. If necessary you can talk to the manager about the same. They will verify the product and refund the price difference through the same mode of purchase. They beat up to 10% of prices and provide you with the difference amount.

What is Mattress Firm Price Match Exceptions?

As long as the product you ask for a price match is purchased from the exceptions list, the Mattress Firm will allow you to price match. Go through the list given below before you request a Mattress Firm price match.

  • Special offers and promotional products
  • Products sold by the third party online
  • Discounts, sales, and clearance items
  • It does not apply to vendor rollbacks, rebates, or doorbusters
  • Products sold by closeout and overstock dealers

Does Mattress Firm do Price Adjustment?

Indeed, Mattress Firm does price adjustments. They will pay you back the amount difference for the identical products at a low price. They assure their consumers to bring valid proof for Mattress Firm price adjustments. As long as the consumer has proof of the low-price product, there is no way the retail store will deny their request.  Just ensure that the product is not purchased from an exclusive case and certainly meets all the conditions.

Best Deals to Save at Mattress Firm

Apart from the Mattress Firm price match policy, we have covered you with different hacks from which you can save at the retail store. Bedding products are a one-time investment and if you can save up from that, then why not? Walk through the tips and tricks that we have mentioned for you while shopping at Mattress Firm.

Mattress firm offer

  • Visit the website and you can buy the products from the sale & clearance sections
  • Log in to the online account and get up to 50% off on your purchases
  • Purchase from the memorial day sale online and save up to $500 on your purchase
  • Visit the website’s official page and purchase from limited offers to save up to $200
  • You will certainly get a military discount on all your purchases online & in-store
  • Mattress Firm credit will assure your purchase with no interest purchases for 60 months over the purchase of $2999+

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Mattress Firm price match Sleep Country?

Yes, Mattress Firm matches any lower price of Sleep Country and beats it by 10% as well.

2. Does Mattress Firm gives trials?

Yes, Mattress Firm gives 120 nights trial to their customers so that they can have a great experience and decide whether to buy the bed or not.

3. How many days price guarantee does Mattress Firm provide?

Mattress Firm provides 120 nights low price guarantee to its customers.

4. Who is Mattress Firm's biggest competitors?

Mattress Firm's biggest competitors are My-Pillow, Casper and Boxi Sleep.

Also, Know that

Mattress Firm has a plan for your affordable financing and purchases which will help their consumers to shop efficiently without credit and lease. Apart from Mattress Firm price match, you can go through the tips and tricks to make a purchase and have an efficient experience at the retail store. You might want to check about Bed Bath & Beyond and ALDI price match policies.

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