Lowes Price Match Policy Process and Exceptions Explained For Low Price Guarantee

Lowe’s is a renowned name in America when it comes to hardware. It is United States’ second-largest hardware chain. Considering the rising competition in the market, it has introduced its price match policy. It aims at drawing more and more customers to Lowe’s store by providing goods and services at a guaranteed lowest price. Let us discuss the process of availing Lowes price match benefits and the terms and conditions related to it.

Does Lowes Price Match?

Lowe’s claims to offer the lowest price on any home improvement product with its price matching policy. According to the lowes price match policy, if any local competitor or online store sells a home improvement hardware, at a lower price than what Lowe’s is selling at, Lowe’s will match its price with the price of the other seller plus give an additional 10% off on the price of the product. Below is a brief description of the terms and conditions of applying for Lowes price match.

Lowe's Price Match

Lowe's Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period30 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-877-465-6937
Official Website LinkLowes
Where can I do a Price Match?Contact customer care.
Visit the nearest outlet store.

Criteria For Lowes Price Match

Lowes store processes price match against the regular price of any local competitors as well as any advertised offer price. Along with matching the low price, Lowe’s also gives an additional 10% discount on the price on each successful price match. The most remarkable aspect of Lowes price match is that it includes the shipping charges and handling fees in the calculation of the price match. You just have to make sure that the product meant for price matching should be of the same brand, size, and model number.

Who Does Lowes Price Match With

Lowe’s price match is applicable for prices offered by any of its local competitors’ online and offline stores. They also match their price with the following Lowe’s Price Match online competitors.

Eligible Competitors
Home Depot
Northern Tool
Ace Hardware
Harbor Freight Tools & Equipment
Tractor Supply Co

Lowes Price Match Process

To avail of the Lowe’s price match, you have to follow some steps. We present to you all the steps of availing the price match in the exact order.

Lowes Price Match

  1. Find The Photo or Printout of the Competitor’s Price– The first step to processing a price match at Lowe’s is to find a lower price on an article or service sold at Lowe’s. Then collect the ad’s photocopy or printout.
  2. Submit the Ad printout to Lowe’s Associate within 30 days: Bring the copy of the ad to Lowe’s outlet and submit it to Lowe’s Associate within 30 days since the announcement of price by Lowe’s competitor or publishing of the related Ad. Alternatively, for an online purchase, you can call the phone number provided above and ask for a price match. The associate will validate your request to process the price matching.
  3. Complete the final Refund Process: Once the Lowe’s associate accepts the price match request, Lowe’s price match will be completed by refunding the difference in the two prices and an additional discount of 10% on a successful price match.

Lowes Price Match Policy Exceptions

Lowe’s Price Match Promise comes with several exceptions just like any other retail store like Walmart or Target. In other words, there may be conditions that disqualify the price matching for approval. Knowing all the exceptions related to the policy will help everyone in getting the best benefits of the price match without any hassle. The exceptions of this price match are listed below:

Installation and Service charge:

Lowe’s does not match the prices of professional services like installation costs or labour charges. This happens in cases where the competitor’s price difference includes their service charges along with the price of the articles. In other words, only prices of products of the same specification from the same brand are eligible for price match and discount.

Customized Items:

If the buyer has already customized the product, according to Lowe’s Price Match it will not be eligible for price matching. That means you can apply for the price of the original products of the store as it is. Any customization of products modifies its price, that is why price matching does not apply to customized products.

Opened or Used Items:

Lowe's Price Match

Lowe’s does not price match for opened and used goods. Any product that is bought during seasonal promotions or a clearance sale, used, discontinued, or refurbished is not eligible for a price match at Lowe’s. Similarly, if you have already purchased your products from Lowe’s, then it will not allow price matching for those products.

Products With Rebates and Special Offers:

Lowe’s price match does not apply to products with rebates. Even free offers like buy one get one free is restricted in the price-matching promise of Lowe’s. The other offers that disqualify a product for a price match are tax-free events or sales tax promotions. Moreover, The Price Match Promise of Lowe’s cannot be clubbed with other offers or promotions.

Auction Prices And Third-Party Prices:

Low prices from online auctions and offers of third-party sellers are not eligible for Lowes price match. It also does not allow erroneous printing or advertisement prices for price matching.

Wholesale & Tax-free Prices:

Wholesale prices are not eligible for Lowes Price matching discount. Prices of wholesale members of any other retail store are not eligible for matching at Lowe’s.  Apart from that low price due to the exclusion of sales tax by some brands is also not eligible for a price match at Lowe’s.

Membership And Financed Prices:

lowes membership

Lowes Price Match excludes low prices offered to Military members or members enjoying loyalty benefits. Products offered on creditors or with other types of financing are not applicable for this price match.

These were some of the exceptions of Lowes’s price matching policy. Moreover, it is important to note that apart from these exceptions, the quantity of the price matching at Lowe’s per customer and item is also, limited.

Lowe’s Price Adjustment

Lowe’s price adjustment policy is an addition to Lowe’s promise of the guaranteed lowest price. This policy means that if customers buy a product from the Lowe’s store and find that its price has dropped within 30 days of their purchase, they can apply for a price adjustment. Customers can avail of a refund of the price difference for every successful price adjustment. Visiting the store or call the number- 1-877-465-6937 to process the price adjustment.

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Lowes Shopping Hacks

lowes clearance section

Shopping for home decor and home improvement items is incomplete without Lowes. There is no limit in buying home decor items, so the more we save helps us buy our other essential decoration items. Apart from the Lowes Price Match, there are other ways too that can help us save more money. Let’s take a look at the following ways to know more-

  • Join the Lowes Membership to save on all your next purchases.
  • Save other competitors’ coupons too as Lowes accepts other store coupons too.
  • Shop from their website to get more discounts
  • Take a look at the clearance section, items are generally sold for low margins.
  • Use Lowes credit card to enjoy 5 % off storewide.
  • Shop seasonally and in bulk to save more on your purchases.
  • Shop during the holiday season sale as Lowes provides high discounts during holidays.

These Lowes shopping hacks will help you shop smart and save a lot more than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Lowes Price Match Amazon?

Yes. Lowes will price match any item sold by amazon.com. The only condition is that the item should not be sold by third-party seller on amazon.

2. Does Lowes Match Home Depot Prices?

Yes. Lowes provides price match with identical products sold by Home depot.

3. Does Lowes Price Match 30 Days?

Yes. The product should be in stock at both Lowes and its competitor's stores/website. Any item available on competitors' online store should be deliverable to your location.

4. Does Lowes Price Match Costco?

Yes. But only products bought from Costco stores. The product must be identical and should be in stock. For any questions regarding price match items bought from Costco.com, you can call their customer care at 1-877-465-6937.

5. Does Lowes Price Match and Beat by 10%?

Yes. If you find a lower price from any of their competitors, Lowes will not only match their price but will also beat the advertised piece by 10%.


We have already provided you with the complete information about the Lowes Price Match promise. We hope that the information provided here gives you a clear picture of the price matching at Lowe’s and how to avail it. If you feel that the price of any home improvement product is higher at Lowe’s than any of its local or online competitors, you can apply for a price matching at Lowe’s within 30 days to get an additional 10% discount after price matching.

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