Kohls Price Match and Price Adjustment Guide For Best Low Price Guarantee For Everyone

Kohl’s is one of the biggest retail departmental store chains in the United States. It has centres in about 1158 locations throughout the U.S. Kohl’s sells several consumer goods to its customers for 59 years. Recently, Kohls has started a price matching promise for its customers so that they can purchase any consumer goods at the best possible low price in the market. Here, we will discuss the details of Kohl’s price match, with the method of applying for a price match and its exceptions.

Does Kohl’s Price Match?

Kohls’s price match policy allows its customer to match the prices of any local competitor’s offline or online store with that of Kohls’s in-store prices and prices available at Kohl.com. Some important details of Kohl’s price match are given in the following chart.

Kohl's Price Match

Kohl's Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period14 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number(855) 564-5748
Official Website LinkKohl's
Where can I do a Price Match?In-Store and Online.

Criteria For Kohl’s Price Match Policy

Kohl’s price match ensures that you get your product of any particular brand at the best price. it guarantees a price match so that if a product you have bought from Kohls is available at any of its competitor’s outlets or online stores, it can process a refund of the price difference in your account. Knowing about the different eligibility criteria of their price match will help you never miss a chance of availing the price match at Kohls. Here is a list of requirements to process-

  1. The item that you wish to avail price match for should be purchased at a regular price.
  2. You have to start the price matching process within 14 days of your purchase from Kohl’s
  3. You have the original bill of the purchase with the date written on it.
  4. The item was not sold in a buy one get one free offer.
  5. The item does not currently have the buy one get one free offer.
  6. The low price should not be the result of any clearance sale.
  7. The item should not belong to Kohl’s care merchandise.

Only when you fulfil price match criteria you will be able to complete the process.

Competitors Eligibility List

There are some brands for which Kohl’s store does not offer price matching. Let us see which brands are not covered under the Kohl’s Price Match Policy.

Kohl's Qualifying Competitors
Calvin Klein
Eddie Bauer
The Honest Company
Select KitchenAid
Lands' End
Koolaburra by UGG
Tommy Hilfiger

Kohl’s Price Match Process

There is a set of steps to process the price matching at Kohls. Let us discuss them one by one so that you can make sure that your price matching request is successful.

kohls price match process

  1. Find The Ad Of Low prices within 14 days of your Purchase- The first step to start a price matching at the Kohl’s is to find the advertisement that offers any product of any brand at a price that is lower than your purchase of the same product at Kohls. This should be done within 14days of your purchase.
  2. Produce The Bill To Kohl’s Associate: Then you can produce it to the store associate at Kohl’s along with the bill of your purchase from Kohl’s
  3. Process the Refund After Validation Of Your Request: Wait for the store associate to approve the ad you showed and the bill of your purchase for the price matching. Once approved, your refund amount will be credited to you.
  4. Price Matching Of Online Purchase: In case you bought the item from the online store of Kohl’s you have to visit the official website of the Kohl’s store and chat with an associate in the “Ask Us” section.

Exceptions of Kohl’s Price Match

Kohl's Price Match

There are certain conditions and criteria in which Kohl’s price matching cannot be processed. Such situations are called exceptions of their price match. Let us study a list of points that are exceptions to Kohls’s Price Match Policy.

Ineligible Discounts and Offers:

Items bought at a lower price than kohl’s price due to a clearance sale are not eligible for Kohl’s Price Match. Moreover, the prices offered under other offers such as buy one get one free, closure sales, etc are also not eligible for a price match at Kohls.

Purchase of Kohl’s Care Merchandise:

Any price drop of products that belong to the Kohl’s care merchandise is not eligible.

Purchase of Sephora At Kohl’s Merchandise:

Kohl’s price matching facility cannot be utilized for any product of Sephora.

Low Price Due to Coupons And Promotions:

Any low price you find out at any competitor’s store or even at Kohls is not eligible for a price matching and adjustment if it is due to the application of a promotional code.

Products Purchased With Gift Cards:kohls gift card

The products that were purchased for gift cards are not applicable for the price match if their price goes down any day after your purchase.

Some Categories Of Products:

Some categories of products are not eligible for Kohl’s price matching. These products are sports goods, premium sunglasses, consumables, select electronics, some athletic products, products of the Kohl’s merchandise, premium footwear, and some personal care products.

Any item of the above-mentioned brands if available at a lower price at any other local retailer’s store or online store then the price match is not applicable. Apart from this, many sports goods and other beauty and fragrance products are not eligible for Kohl’s price matching.

Kohl’s Price Adjustment

Kohl’s also allows price adjustment for the products sold at the Kohl’s stores. The process to avail of the price adjustment is as follows-

  1. Contact the store for a price adjustment within 14 days of purchase.
  2. Carry the original purchase receipt having the date of purchase.
  3. For online purchases, contact an associate through chat on Kohl’s.com by pressing the “Ask Us” button.
  4. Receive the refund in your original mode of payment on every successful price adjustment.

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Shop More and Save more At Kohls

Kohls’s is one of the largest departmental store chains in the USA. We all love to buy products from Kohls. Do you know that apart from Kohl’s price match policy there are other ways too, that would help you save a few more bucks on your every purchase? We have curated a list especially to show you the ways to cut costs at Kohls-

kohls cash

  • Sign up for the Kohls emailing list to get up to 15% off on your next purchase.
  • Earn Kohl cash while shopping to reduce your final billing amount.
  • Join Kohls’s rewards program to get a 5 % discount on every purchase.
  • Buy more on their friends and family store to enjoy 20% off both in-store and online purchases.
  • Look out for Kohls’s mystery offers for exclusive 40% off on some items.
  • Get discounted coupon codes from different promotional websites and get them redeemed at Kohls
  • Shop during the Black Friday deals to save more.

Shop smart and save more with Kohl’s shopping tricks and get the best value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the original bill a must for kohls price match?

Yes, you need to carry one proof of purchase along with you.

2. How many days is the price match valid?

You have to price match it within 14 days from the date of purchase.

3. Can premium sunglasses be price matched?

No, according to price match exception policy of Kohls premium sunglass cannot be price matched.

4. Where to go for a price adjustment?

You have to visit Kohls in store for processing the price adjustment request.


We have discussed the price matching policy of Kohl. Here you will find all the important criteria, steps, and exceptions regarding Kohl’s price match in detail. In addition, we hope this article helps you make good decisions for your purchase at the Kohl’s store. You can apply a price matching at Kohl’s also if the price of the product drops within 14 days of your purchase. We hope this helps you get your products at the best price in the market. Check out similar articles on Old Navy and Zappos.

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