HP Price Match and Price Adjustment Guide with Eligible Competitors, Exceptions, and Process

There’s nothing more disappointing than buying a new computer or PC accessory and discovering that you could’ve gotten it somewhere else at a comparatively cheaper price. The majority of retailers or wholesalers are out there offering price match policies to attract more buyers and bring their purchase experience to a satisfactory level. HP has always prioritized its customers no matter what. But do they offer an HP price match policy or not? Let’s find out.  

Does HP Price Match?

HP.com does provide an HP price match & price adjustment policy. You can call HP regarding the lower price of the same peripheral at the time of your purchase from HP.com. This can save you a reasonable amount of money. However, just like any other policies out there, there are exceptions to HP price match as well which we will discuss later on in this article.

Inside the HP Store

HP Price Match
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceNo
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-800-888-0229
Official Website LinkHP
Where can I do a Price Match?Online

What are the Conditions for HP Price Match?

Before you go out looking for the same product with a lesser pricing, make sure you’ve checked the criteria for the HP price match policy.

HP Price Match - Printer

  • At the time of purchase, HP.com will price match new “Comparable PCs” and identical HP printers or display screens with only a limited number of online retailers (below-listed).
  • The model number must be the same if you want to price matching on HP printers, Displays, or Accessories.

What are Comparable PCs?

A Comparable PC for HP price match is any desktop/laptop manufactured by Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, HP, and Samsung having the same specifications as an HP computer on hp.com. For PCs, the item’s model number does not need to match as long as the PC is a “Comparable PC”.

Who are the Eligible Competitors?

HP will match the lower prices offered by a limited number of nationally recognized online retailers. These are Amazon.com, Dell.com, Lenovo.com, Newegg.com, BestBuy.com, TigerDirect.com, and Staples.com.

HP Qualifying Competitors

How Do I Claim an HP Price Match?

Simply call HP’s customer support to complete your purchase at a lower price. You need to provide all the necessary information that includes: 

  1. The “Comparable PC” or identical computer accessory and accessory model number you would like to price match with.
  2. The process you went through to get the product alongside the present leading price excluding the taxes.
  3. The relevant PC/Laptop/Computer accessory at HP.com 

The sales agent will verify your request and help you complete your purchase.

Note: Price matching & Price adjustment is not possbile at their offline stores, or by email or chat support.

HP Price Match Exceptions

Just like any other policy, HP price matching also has some exceptions which are listed below.

HP price match exceptions - Sam's club membership discount

  1. Third-party vendors and retailers other than listed above are not eligbile for price matching.
  2. Price matching is not possible with membership stores like Sam’s Club and Costco or sellers who sell used items like eBay.
  3. The price match policy applies to sales in the USA only. 

Does HP Offer Price Adjustment?

HP wants its customers to have the best products at the best prices. HP.com does provide a price adjustment. You can contact HP.com customer service and provide your order number with the link to the same product at a lower price. Just like the HP price match, price adjustment also comes with its exceptions that are listed below.

HP Z Book

  1. Price adjustment is exclusively available for HP products only.
  2. Zbook, Pro, Elite, Workstation, and other HP business series products do not cover price protection.
  3. The HP price adjustment is not possible for exclusive discount items, coupon offers, free items, gift cards, or any promotional offers.

HP Shopping Hacks – Save Some Bucks

HP price match or adjustment policy is not the only way to save money. There are some other aspects too. Do you know you can save up to 50% on printers, inks, and tones also? This is possible with their subscription services.

  • HP Instant Ink is a subscription service that delivers toners or inks right at your doorstep at just 0.99$ a month.
  • Unlike other subscriptions, HP ships ink cartridges whenever you need them instead of preplanned intervals like monthly or quarterly.
  • If you are someone concerned about electricity when using printers 24/7 then HP’s Energy Star certified printers would be the best economic way to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a price match over coupons or special discount codes available on HP.com?

You can either take advantage of the coupon code discount or the price match.

2. Does the item’s model number need to match precisely?

For PCs, it's not necessary to have the same model number. But for all other products like HP Printers, displays, and accessories, the model number should be the same.

3. Can I request a price match after purchasing the product?

No, you can only request a price match before/at the time you buy the product.

4. When will I get my refund after the price drop has been verified?

The refund mainly depends upon your bank but it usually takes between 4-5 business days


We hope to have cleared all your doubts regarding the HP Price match and adjustment policy. Before initiating, or requesting a price match just remember the eligible online retailers for the price match as well as the exceptions. For PCs, price match is only possible on comparable PCs identified by HP itself. It will save you time and a decent amount of money as well.

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