Quick Guide To Guitar Center Price Match For Best Price Guarantee For Every Customer

Formerly Known as The Organ Center, Guitar Center is one of the largest American musical instrument retailer chains. They have 62 years of experience in this field and have more than 260 stores only in the US. They sell a vast variety of instruments like guitars, basses, amplifiers, drums, microphones, DJ equipment, recording software and many many more. With so much recognition in the musical field, people do expect a Guitar Center price match or price adjustment policy. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions regarding the guitar center’s low price guarantee. 

Does Guitar Center Price Match?

If you don’t know, a price match simply means asking the store to lower their price if their competitors are offering the same product at a cheaper rate. And to answer your question, yes. Guitar Center does offer a price match with its competitors/authorized dealers. Guitar Center price match policy states that If you buy an item from them and see that the same item is advertised for a lower price at any of their authorized dealers, then your product will qualify for a price match if it is within 45 days of your purchase. You will just have to present them with the proof of competitors’ lower prices. For a successful price match, read the price match conditions stated in the following paragraph. 

Guitar Center price match

Guitar Center Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period45
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-801-501-8847
Official Website LinkGuitar Center
Where can I do a Price Match?1) In-store
2) Online by calling
their customer

Guitar Center Price Match Criteria

guitar center receipt

Before visiting the store for a price match, you must know that there are some conditions that your product must fulfill for a successful Guitar Center price match. Let’s talk about them.

  • The item you bought from guitar center must be identical to the one listed for a lower price on the competitor’s website.
  • The policy also states that the lower-priced product must be clearly advertised on the internet, a local or national newspaper, magazine or catalogue by an authorized US dealer.
  • You must present the original guitar center receipt for matching price.
  • You can not present a copy of receipts or advertisements as it is not considered as the appropriate proof for the price match.
  • Guitar Center has the right to limit the quantities for the price-matched items.
  • The competitor’s website should have the product in stock at the time of requesting a price match.
  • Any item that has a removed or damaged identification number will not be matched for price.

Eligible Competitors

Guitar center has some competitors to whom they don’t want to lose their customers. These competitors are listed below:

  • Fender Musical instrument
  • Sweetwater
  • Styroplast

Guitar Center Price Match process

You can request a price match by visiting their store or by dialling their customer support number. Follow these simple steps for a successful price match process.

In-store Price Match Process

guitar-center price match

  • Visit your neat guitar center store with the original receipt.
  • Make sure to bring proof of competitors’ prices. It could be their ads on the internet, newspapers or magazines.
  • You can match the price before making the purchase as well. Think of it as bargaining. You will have to show them the price of the product on the competitor’s website. This price match will be done on the check-out amount which means that the competitor’s shipping charges will be taken into account during the price match.

If the product satisfies the conditions mentioned previously then they will gladly match the price by giving you a refund of the price difference between the competitor’s advertised price and the original cost of the product.

Online Price Match Process

If your residence does not have a nearby Guitar center store then you can request a price match online also. For requesting a price match online, you can call their customer support number at 1-801-501-8847.

Exceptions For Guitar Center Price Match

There are some conditions that your product must satisfy for a guitar Center price match. 

  • Any grey market merchandise (item bought from an unauthorized seller or unofficial trading channels) will notException hold eligibility for a price match.
  • Demo or exclusive models or floor samples are not eligible for price match.
  • The item offered by the competitor must be first class. Any factory second-hand or refurbished items offered at lower prices by competitors can not be price matched at Guitar Center.
  • Any items having a limited inventory or closeout items will not be eligible for a price match.
  • Discounts offered on open-boxed items do not qualify for a price match.
  • Price match policy excludes products from auction sites.
  • Discounts offered for bundle items do not qualify for a price match.
  • Guitar Center will not offer a price match in case of pricing misprints.
  • Any free or promotional items and vintage or used merchandise is not eligible.
  • Items sold on the outlet section of their online store Guitarcenter.com are not eligible for a price match.

Guitar Center Price Adjustment Policy

If you buy a product from Guitar Center and it immediately gets a price drop on their own store or website that’s when the Guitar Center price adjustment policy comes in handy. It is very much similar to the Guitar Center price match policy. It states that you can request a price adjustment within 45 days from the date of purchase if the price is lowered by Guitar Center themselves.

Note: Any adjustments for coupons or limited-time promotional offers will follow the same rules and regulations provided by their competitors. Guitar Center will also follow any limitations or exclusions imposed on their competitors’ offers. 

Tips To Save More With Guitar Center


We all love music and to buy guitars, Guitar Center is always on the top of the list. Do you know that apart from its generous price match and price adjustment policy, there are other ways too through which we can save more on all our next purchases? We have a list especially to show you the ways to cut costs at Guitar Center-

  • Look for the yellow Guitar-a-Thon tags as these guitars are part of their promotional discount and you can save a lot by buying these yellow thon tag guitars.
  • Look for their clearance sale items. These come with orange tags and can be easily identified.
  • Often while handling this music equipment like speakers, there can be a dent not visible to the naked eye. Guitar centre labels it blue and you can save up to $ 50 on your purchase.
  • Take a look for their weekly one-off deals where you can buy two guitar strings and get the third one free,
  • You can also buy from their outlet where open boxed, restocked items and clearance items are sold at a lesser price value.
  • Sign up for the Guitar Center newsletter and get $5 off on your next purchase.
  • Join their free community classes to know to get free guitar lessons.
  • Search for Guitar Center coupons on different promotional websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Guitar Center's price match period?

Guitar Center promises a price match within 45 days of the purchase date if you find the item at a lower price from any of its competitors.

2. Does Guitar Center match the price of a product bought from its competitors?

No. they do not but they will gladly match the price with its authorized dealers/competitors.

3. Is price match possible at the time of purchase?

Yes. but the catch is that when matching online prices at the time of sale, they will also take into account the shipping and handling charges mentioned on the checkout page of the competitors' website.

4. Can you ask for a price match of multiple items at Guitar Center?

No. Guitar Center owns the right to limit the quantities of items that can be price matched by a single customer.

5. What qualifies as the proof of lower price at Guitar Center?

Any advertisement posted by their authorized US dealers on a local or national newspaper, magazine or competitor’s website.


We have explained everything about the Guitar Center price match and price adjustment policy. Both policies simply confirm that they do offer a price match on any product bought directly from their local store or online website If presented within 45 days from the purchase date. We also covered some important criteria for the price match along with the exemptions on the products/offers offered by their competitors. You can check out other popular policy like Walmart price match and Costco price match policy.

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