Does Gamestop Price Match or Price Adjust For Lower Price? Know The Details Here

There is no doubt that Gamestop holds the top spot for the largest retailer of video games in the world. You can find a variety of games, Consoles, Laptops, Controllers, Headsets, Keyboards, and possibly any gaming accessory that comes to your mind. With the flood of Gaming enthusiasts, many are not sure about a Gamestop price match policy to save some bucks on Gaming peripherals. If you are looking for the same answer then follow along.

Does GameStop Price Match?

Though there is still no official confirmation from Gamestop itself, talks are floating around the gaming industry that Gamestop already started price matching with competitors somewhere around April 2021. The news of the Gamestop price march was first leaked by one of the industry’s finest news sources Wario64. Check out his tweet. Let’s see what led to the implementation of the GameStop price match policy.

GameStop Price Match
Price Match PeriodAt the time of purchase
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number(800) 522-6645
Official Website LinkGameStop
Where can I do a Price Match?At a GameStop store

Eligible Competitors

As per the details put on by Wario64, Gamestop price match is possible with major competitors – Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

GameStop's Eligible Competitors List
Best Buy

How Does the GameStop Price Match Work?

This policy works just like other gaming retailers that offer price matching. According to this policy, your nearby Gamestop store will match the price of any gaming peripheral if another store/website is offering the same item at a lower price. This decision was made after Ryan Chen joined Gamestop as one of the new chairmen in January 2021. Remember that price match is only possible on in-store purchases. Gaming enthusiasts can hope that soon starts matching deals with other retailers automatically.

GameStop Price Match Exceptions

ps4 games bundle black friday

The follow-up tweet by Wario64 reveals some details on this new policy, which follows similar conditions as other companies offering price matching on gaming peripherals.

Here’s everything that one should know about what is excluded from price matching at GameStop.

  • Other retailers advertised price must be regular price with no other discounts or offers. GameStop price match is not applicable for things like bundle offers, rebates, discount coupons, and flash deals offered by other retailers.
  • The item you want to price match at a GameStop store must be identical to the one advertised by other retailers at a lower price.
  • The advertised item must be in-stock at the competitor’s store or website. This doesn’t include items listed by Amazon/Walmart marketplace sellers.

Why & How GameStop Started Price Matching?

After the retirement of former CEO George Sherman, GameStop’s new management team is making remarkable strides in the Gaming industry. The credit also goes to the new chairman, Ryan Cohen. He is also the founder of Chewy which he sold to PetSmart for $3.35 billion back in 2017.

Despite being at the top, many Gaming enthusiasts believed that GameStop is run by people who don’t understand the gaming industry. After Ryan Cohen joined GameStop, the major change that was immediately implemented was adding the GameStop price match policy. Providing the facility of price match is already a good start and this will lead to a more successful business for the brand as time passes by.

GameStop Price Adjustment Policy

Price adjustment simply refers to claiming a partial refund if a store reduces the price of a product right after your purchase. Unfortunately, there is not any official GameStop price adjustment policy nor there have been any cases of customers receiving a partial refund from GameStop.

On some occasions, GameStop stores also provide special offers. So, no difference in the prices will be refunded if you’ve already made a purchase from their website and later come to know that the product is cheaper in-store.

Save Some Bucks On Your Next GameStop Purchase

GameStop pre-owned merchandise

Though the company has recently opened doors for a GameStop price match policy, it hasn’t been the only way to save some bucks on gaming peripherals. These are some of the best tips.

  • Buying pre-owned items is a great option, especially for video game titles. These are cheap and available in bundles.
  • With a one-time fee of $14.99 and become a Powerup Rewards member. You’ll earn points on every purchase you make which you can redeem for games or electronics you want.
  • Y0u can win double points by signing up for their GameStop credit card.
  • A GameStop credit card will also uncover special deals and coupons during holidays and special events.
  • Keep an eye on weekly advertisements of promotional offers on their official website.
  • Don’t forget to check weekly ads before holidays like memorial day, Black Friday, Christmas, July 14, and Thanksgiving. This way you’ll know the special discounts and deals early before the sale goes live.
  • Items on the clearance rack are either available in a bunch or needs to be cleared out due to a new version. These items can have discounts of up to 70%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does GameStop price match their own website?

GameStop will match their online prices as long as the item is not on exclusive sale on the website. Also, if you're not comparing the price of a new item with a preowned item sold on the website.

2. Does GameStop price match with Amazon?

Yes. GameStop stores are now matching prices with Amazon if the item is at lower price on Amazon without any discounts or offers. This excludes Amazon marketplace listings.

How do request a price match when buying from

There is not any confirmation on price matching when buying online. So we suggest to visit their store to request a price match.

4. Who does GameStop price match with?

As per the tweet made by every gamer's most reliable source Wario64, GameStop stores are now price matching with Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target.


Gaming enthusiasts around the world are very happy with the initiation of the GameStop price match. Gamers are now free to compare the price of an item at other retailers and head to the GameStop store to request a price match on identical items. The policy also has its parameters for price match which we’ve already addressed. Hope that your doubts are cleared. Do check out our similar article on Newegg.

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