Fred Meyer Price Match and Price Adjustment Criteria and Process Explained Step by Step

Fred Meyer is a one-stop destination for customers looking for electronics, clothing, jewellery, home decor, home improvement, etc. Looking at the competition in the market, recently, Fred Meyer has guaranteed the lowest price to its customers. Here, we will look at the different aspects of the Fred Meyer Price Match Policy.

Fred Meyer Price Match At a Glance

Price match policy refers to a special facility given by retailers to their customers to help them avail their products. These products are assured to be the lowest price. This is done by matching the price of the store with the price at which any competitor is offering the same product. Fred Meyer Price Match policy also provides its customers with a 30 days window to carry out this policy by following certain terms and conditions.

Fred Meyer Store

Fred Meyer Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period30 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-800-576-4377
Official Website LinkFred Meyer
Where can I do a Price Match?In-Store and Online.

Criteria For Fred Meyer Price Match

These features of the Fred Meyer price match explain that the Fred Meyer store will provide a reduction in the price of products available in the store if a customer can bring proof of a lower price of the same item at any selected competitor’s store. 

Who Are The Qualified Competitors?

It is important to know the competitors against whose prices, Fred Meyer can process price match. Please note that any local competitor should be operating within a radius of 20 miles from the Fred Meyer store where the price matching request is to be placed. For online competitors, the store should ship its product within 20 miles radius of the Fred Meyer store where you are applying the price matching request. Now moving on to the eligible competitors

Fred Meyer's Qualifying Competitors List

Process of Price Match

Fred Meyer price match allows price matching against both offline and online competitors. Additionally, it allows applying for the price match both by visiting the store and through the online process. Let us look at the process of applying for Fred Meyer’s price match step by step.

Fred Meyer Price Match

1. Proof of The Low Price: Fetch the proof of low price from the competitor. It could be an advertisement or a bill, or an online ad. While, presenting the proof of the discount, during your purchase, the competitor’s price should be still in effect.

2. Identicality of Items: Make sure you are applying for the price match of the same item, in terms of brand, model, specification, etc.

3. Validation Of Price Matching: Render the proof of purchase to the store associate of Fred Meyer, and wait for the validation of your price match request.

4. Receive The Price Difference: Once your price matching request is approved, the price difference will be refunded to you through your preferred mode.

This way you can complete your price match successfully.

Exceptions For Fred Meyer Price Match

fred meyer price match exceptions

There are certain products for which Fred Meyer does not allow price matching. These are the exceptions of the Fred Meyer Price Match. Let us get into the detail.

1. Offer Prices: Price match will not be applicable for low prices due to special offers like, buy one get one free when the specific price of the product is not defined.

2. Limited Period, Seasonal, or Festive Offers: Products sold in special hour sales, seasonal offers, thanksgiving sales, etc are also not eligible for price match.

3. Free Gifts: Bundled items or products with gifts are not eligible for the Fred Meyer Price Matching.

4. Restricted Items: Some items like pet food, laundry care items, books, and magazines, greeting cards, health and beauty care products, tobacco products, some beverages, candy, seasonal merchandise, etc do not qualify for the price matching policy of Fred Meyer.

5. Pricing Errors: Low pricing due to pricing errors cannot be price matched at Fred Meyer’s stores.

fred meyer sale

6. Tax-Free Prices: All low prices due to the removal of sales tax or other taxes are also excluded from the price matching benefits of Fred Meyer.

7. Voice-Only Deals: Fred Meyer Price Match Policy excludes all voice-only deals. Fred Meyer’s Price Match Policy also excludes all prices offered under any ‘must buy’ schemes requiring a minimum item purchase.

8. Must Buy Schemes Or Minimum Purchase: Fred Meyer’s Price Match Policy also excludes all prices offered under any ‘must buy’ schemes requiring a minimum item purchase.

Fred Meyer Price Adjustment

Fred-Meyer price adjustment

Fred Meyer also allows price adjustment. According to Fred Meyer’s price adjustment policy, if you purchase an item from Fred Meyer and find that the price of the same item has decreased. You can adjust the price within 30 days of your purchase. You just have to bring the original receipt to the store associate while the product is still available. Fred Meyer will refund the difference between the original price and the current price after approving your adjustment request. Please note that price adjustment is not allowed on food items, items on clearance sale, holiday merchandise, and products with specific instruction, “Not valid on prior purchases” written on them.

Tips To Save More At Fred Meyer

We often love to shop from Fred Meyer but are not aware of how we can save a few bucks. Apart from the Fred Meyer Price Match Policy, some certain tips and tricks can help you save some more money. You can view their weekly ads and shop accordingly. You can also collect Fred Meyer’s e-coupons cards and shop using them to get more discounts. Additionally, joining the Fred Meyer rewards program would help you earn rewards and fuel points. You could save so much when you follow these shopping tips at Fred Meyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can i price match pet foods and magazines?

No, these items fall under price match exceptions and are not eligible for price match.

2. How many days to price adjust at Fred Meyer?

You can take up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

3. Can i price match online?

Yes, Fred Meyer price matchcan be processed both online and in store.

4. What is the customer care number of Fred Meyer?



The price matching policy of Fred Meyer is quite useful in tackling the rising competition in the market. We would recommend going through the complete process to get the full benefits of the Fred Meyer Price Match Policy. In case of any query, you can use our comment section to reach out to us. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the Fred Meyer hypermarket.

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