Does DSW Price Match or Price Adjust For Their Customers?

Designer Shoe Warehouse or Designer Brand, always wants its customers to purchase from the best brands and styles at excellent prices. And when it comes to saving money, customers will obviously check if DSWs competitors are providing an identical product at a cheaper rate or not. So, do they provide a DSW Price Match Policy or Price Protection Policy? And if not, what about the Price Adjustment Policy? Let’s unwind this article and find out. 

Does DSW Price Match?

Consumers are always sensitive about the rates of the product they want to purchase. Because of the same reason, they tend to cross-check the prices across all the stores, be it online or offline. They ensure that they get the best deal on their purchase. Hence, companies offer a price match policy to settle for a price if their competitors are offering the same product at a cheaper amount. But, the policy does not have a DSW price match. They have not mentioned anything about the price match policy on their official website. 

DSW price match

DWS Price Match
Price Match PeriodNone
Contact Number1.866.379.7463
Customer Service Email-id[email protected]
Official Website LinkDSW

Why DSW does not Price Match?

They have not mentioned the reasons why the brand does not price match. DSW mentions that they provide equally low prices for all their merchandise. They lower the price of the products from COMP. The value that the manufacturer decides. The manufacturer of the product decides the pricing of the merchandise which DSW does not follow. Other retailers might provide the same or competitive prices of a product but not DSW. This might be the reason why the pricing policy has not mentioned anything about DSW price match. 

What are DSW Prices?

DSW believes in giving the best brands and styles to its customers. They provide great deals and discounts on the merchandise that they display in-store and online. prices may vary from the in-store prices. The brand can change prices according to their benefits anytime they want. They don’t provide prior notice while changing the prices. You have to visit the nearest store or to know about the current pricing of the products.  

Does DSW do Price Adjustments?

When it comes to price adjustment, the comparison takes place between different outlets of the same company. Sadly, there are no mentions of a DSW price adjustments policy on DSW’s official website. DSW might provide the facility of price adjustment in the future. However, according to our research, DSW has comparatively cheaper prices than its competitors which is already a plus point if you are considering a purchase from DSW.

Why DSW does not do Price Adjustments?

DSW store view

The brand’s pricing policy does not mention DSW price adjustments on its official website. As the brand claims to provide comparatively lower prices than other retailers, that might be the reason behind it. DSW does not provide the company prices that the manufacturer decides. The pricing is necessarily changed online and in-store to benefit the brand’s customers. Advertised products and offers products vary from brand and location. You can contact customer service to know more about why the policy does not have a DSW price match and price adjustment details.

Customer service number: 1.866.379.7463 and E-mail address: [email protected]

Shop More, Save More!

Apart from the lower prices that the brand offers, they also have some other tips and hacks that can save money while shopping. Your light pocket will be delighted to know about those hacks and tips at DSW. DSW price match policy has nothing to conclude and no existence but there are surely other ways to save yourself some bucks. 

  • DSW VIP: When you get a DSW VIP ticket, you will be able to unlock many rewards and deals. It will help you gain $5 on your birthday purchase. There are other perks and a 20% off exclusive welcome reward on your first purchase. 
  • Elite: Certainly, when you get an elite membership of the brand, you will get free express shipping on every purchase. There are no exceptions.
  • Gift Cards: Get 20% off gift cards while shopping online from
  • Selected Deals: When you visit the website and log in, you will get a decided amount off on your several purchases. You will be able to unlock some amazing brand discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does DSW considered as an off-price retailer?

Yes, DSW is the top off-price retailer in the world.

2. How DSW provide its pricing?

DSW is neither expensive nor a cheap retail store. But they provide the best deals in the sales section where the customers can save some bucks.

3. Does the VIP programs costs money at DSW?

No, the DSW VIP program is a rewards program that is conducted online and it does not cost any money.

4. Does DSW provide returns and exchange policy?

Yes DSW provides a returns and exchange policy which every customer has to follow while returning a product.

Start A Worry Less Shopping

The pricing policy of DSW does not provide  DSW price match or price adjustments but it surely enlightens your pocket with other ways to shop. You can go through the tips and tricks to shopping worry less about the brand and pick your style at the best price available. You may also check out: Old-navy Price Match

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