Does Walmart Price Match Target? Know This Before you Shop!

With over 4700 stores only in the U.S., you’ll surely find a Walmart store within 5 miles of your residence. Walmart is one of the most famous retail stores and competes with many top retailers through lower prices and price match promises. One of these retailers is Target. Walmart and Target are direct competitors that maintain competitive pricing to keep customers loyal.  But there’s one question that’d surely cross your mind, Does Walmart price match Target merchandise? Here’s all you need to know.

Does Walmart Price Match Target?

Does Walmart Price Match Target?

Yes, Walmart prices match Target’s identical products, but this only applies to online listing between and Walmart doesn’t match prices with Target store’s local advertised prices. Both products on and should be identical in size, colour, and quantity to be eligible for a price match.

Continue reading to know how to request a price match at Walmart and what items are not eligible for a price match.

Can I Request Price Match At Walmart After Purchase?

Unfortunately, No. Walmart doesn’t allow price matching on items after you’ve placed the order. They can only process changes in price before the payment is completed. If you find a lower price on Target or any other competitors, you are advised to contact their customer support before placing the order. Here’s how to request a price match online.

How To Request A Price Match At Walmart?

As we said, Walmart price match Target for online purchases. If you see the same product at for a lower price than what’s offered by, contact Walmart’s customer care before placing the order. Let the executive know about Target’s online listed price. The executive will verify the product listing on and guide you on claiming the product at a lower price.

Walmart also price matches many other retailers. For the exact list and criteria, here’s a guide on Walmart Price Match Policy.

Exceptions To Walmart Price Match With Target

Though Walmart’s price matches Target, it has some limitations and exclusions on price matching with Target and other retail competitors. Here’s what you need to know.

Target clearance items

  • Bundle offers, e-mail offers, coupons, clearance, limited time/quantity offers on or other qualifying competitors are not eligible for a price match.
  • Along with being identical, the item should be available in stock at and when you’re requesting a price match.
  • To keep the price match requests at a viable rate, Walmart may also limit price matching to one time per person, per item, per day.
  • Any % off discounts or $ off discounts on cannot be price matched at Walmart. (10% off/10$ off).
  • Additionally, Walmart doesn’t allow price matches on flash sales going on during Black Friday or Cyber Week.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Walmart price match Target after purchase?

At Walmart, the price match will only be applied before making a purchase. The retailer doesn't offer price match with Target or any other retailer after the purchase.

2. Does Walmart price match Target's Circle membership prices?

Unfortunately, Walmart customers cannot get a price match with any retailer's membership discounts and offers.

3. What kind proof does Walmart accept for a price match?

You'll need eligible competitor's current online pricing to request a price match at Walmart. However, remember that the identical item should be in-stock at Walmart and Competitor's site, and shouldn't be on any discount or offer.

4. How many times can I request a price match at Walmart?

If Walmart encounters frequent price match requests, the retailer may limit price matching to one time per person, per day.


Walmart will price match Target as long as the item is within their specified price match conditions. However, this only applies to online prices. This means you can only price match between both platforms’ online listings. If you see an exact product at a lower price on, contact Walmart customer support before you place the order. In any case, price matching is not possible if you’ve already purchased items from Walmart.

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