Does Target Price Match Walmart? Check Out The Update [2022]

Looking to save money and wondering whether Target price match? The answer is yes they do price match but does Target price match Walmart? To know more about it you must start with understanding how you can price match. Target value their customers and want to give them a sense of satisfaction. They state that if that is not the case with their customers then they will price match. Before all this, you must ensure that you are qualified for a price match process. So, let us move on.

Does Target Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Target price match Walmart’s identical and in-stock items. This means that if Walmart lowers its price then you can ask Target to lower the price for the same product. Now to do so there are some conditions and some terms you must follow. Once your price match is successfully processed then you will get a refund if you have already paid. You can also ask for a price match before purchasing the product. Let us see how you can price match.

Does Target Price Match Walmart

Target Price Match Conditions

There are certain conditions on the Target price match Walmart or other qualifying competitors that should be met while matching price. You must keep these points in mind. It will fasten your process as well.

  • Target will verify and if they are not able to verify your claim, it will be denied.
  • You can not take a rain check on a price match.
  • The product you price match must be identical.
  • Your product should be in stock at Target.
  • You must show the proof in form of an ad on paper or a digital copy of the online prices.
  • Target will ask for the original receipt of purchase.

This condition can help you guide through the eligibility of your price match process. You must also check the prices properly on Walmart before you go for a price match.

How To Price Match At Target?

Target Price Match with Walmart

To make your price match successful you must visit the store. Along with which you should remember the conditions. Target will price match Walmart if you have proof of a lower price. Once you are clear with that, then follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the same Target store you made your purchase from.
  • Take the purchase proof along with you.
  • Show them the lower price proof from Walmart (It can be a physical/digital copy)
  • Target will verify your claim

If your claim is then verified, you are eligible for a price match at Target. Along with Walmart, there are other online competitors of Target as well. You can price match before or after making your purchase. In case you have already paid the higher amount then you will get a refund.

Exclusions To Target Price Match With Walmart

There are some limitations when it comes to Target price matching Walmart or other qualifying competitors. We would recommend you to go through the exclusion before you go for a price match.

Target Gift Cards

  • Stores in Alaska & Hawaii are excluded from price matching any online competitors.
  • Walmart’s or any competitor’s promotional or clearance sale products are not eligible for a price match.
  • Typographical error is also excluded.
  • Walmart’s free or bundle offers can not be price matched at Target.
  • Any competitor’s third-party seller products are ineligible.
  • Products on Target Plus™ are not eligible.
  • Alcohol items can not be price matched with Walmart or any other online retailer.
  • Target circle and gift cards can not be combined with price matches.
  • Contract mobile phone devices are excluded

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Target stores price match competitor's online prices?

Your local Target store will gladly welcome price matching with qualifying competitor's online prices. However, target stores located in Alaska and Hawaii are exclusions to this. These stores will not match competitors online listings.

2. How can I price match for online purchase from

To request a price match for purchase, call their Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

3. Will Target price match Walmart if you've already made a purchase?

Yes, If you see an identical item at Walmart or other qualifying competitors after your purchase from Target, you have 14 days to request a price match.

4. What type of proof does Target need for a price match?

You can show the printed ad, its digital version on mobile or the online price on competitor's site at the Target store or their online customer support.

Also, Keep in Mind

Target will price match Walmart’s identical items, both in-store and online. Our mentioned terms and conditions will make it easy for you to find out your eligibility as it will allow you to self-analyze your claim. We would always recommend this before you make your claim. It will save you time as well. In case you are not interested in a price match, you can also go for the Target price adjustment process. It is yet another way you can save your money shopping at Target.

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