Does Target Price Match GameStop?

Target is one of the most successful retail stores and they have a price matching policy. Target provides customers a sense of satisfaction with quality merchandise at the best prices. One added advantage is their price match policy with select online and local competitors. However, one looking to buy gaming peripherals would definitely wonder, does Target price match GameStop? Here’s something you should know to save money.

Does Target Price Match GameStop?

does target price match gamestop

Here’s a question, will Target price match GameStop? Fortunately yes, Target will price match GameStop for identical and in-stock items. If you see video games, consoles, or other similar products on GameStop at a lower price, Target will reduce its price. Price matching is possible both before the purchase or within 14 days of purchase. You’ll need to show the printed or digital ad or online listing of GameStop.

Continue reading to know the conditions and limitations to price matching at Target.

Conditions For Target Price Match With GameStop

Target price match conditions

When it comes to saving money, everyone likes to have a piece of that pie. But just like pie, Target price match has certain conditions for the products so that you can enjoy the benefits.

  • The item should be identical in terms of brand, size, color, and model number.
  • The item should be available at competitors and the price should be listed.
  • Target will also verify the price and availability of the item by themselves.
  • If you have already purchased the product from GameStop you will need to bring the original receipt.
  • In the event that Target does not have the item in stock, a price match will not be conducted.

You have to remember these conditions as these will help you to complete the whole process easy and this will save your time as well.

Target Price Match Process

When customers have to price match a product, they often become confused. Without the correct information or procedure, it becomes difficult to understand the process. The process is simple and doesn’t take much effort and time. Here is a thorough explanation of the whole process so that your experience will be easier.

  • You should have the print ad or any valid format which shows the price of the product.
  • If you have already purchased the product then the original receipt and the packaging must be present.
  • If you have already bought the product they will verify its condition.
  • Target employees will verify the prices and check if the item is identical and available in their stock.
  • If the verification is successful they will commence the price match process.

For online purchases from, contact their customer support at 1-800-591-3869. Target may contact the competitor and verify the details of the product and the price. If you have already purchased the product then Target will refund you the difference.

Target Price Match Exceptions

You may sometimes go to the counter for the price match and return dejectedly. That’s because certain exceptions are in place for the process to go smoothly. It is important to keep in mind certain exceptions. The exceptions provide you with the dos and don’ts of the process.

  • Typographical errors will not lead to price changes.
  • Gift coupons, gift cards, and mail-in offers are not acceptable.
  • Prices or products from third parties will not be accepted.
  • Price matching on product services like warranty, repair, etc. is not acceptable.
  • It is not possible to match the prices of products kept on clearance sale.
  • Target stores in Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible to match prices with online competitors.

These exceptions will help customers to understand Target’s price matching process more easily.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Will Target stores price match GameStop's online prices?

Yes, Target stores does actually match competitors online prices. One only exclusion is target stores located in Alaska and Hawaii as they will not match other retailer's online listings.

2. How to request a price match for orders?

If you see a similar product for lower price elsewhere, contact Target at 1-800-591-3869 before placing the order and notify them about lower price.

3. Will Target price match GameStop after the purchase?

Yes, if you see the item for a lower price at GameStop after purchasing from Target, you can contact them and easily claim your price within 14 days.

4. What proof do I need to claim a price match at Target?

You'll have to show competitor's printed or digital ad or their online price to claim a price match at Target.

Keep in mind!

Target will price match Best Buy’s identical items for both online and store purchases. Keep note of the simple do’s and don’ts to claim the product at a lower price. Take a note of conditions and exceptions before heading to the store for a price match. All you need is the product’s valid price proof from GameStop. If Target reduces the price of a product right after your purchase, then you can also read about the Target price adjustment policy.

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