Does Target Price Match Best Buy?

Target and its price matching policy go hand in hand. They ensure that their customers are satisfied by matching prices with select competitors. This process is also governed by certain conditions that need to be followed in order to claim your price match. Best Buy is one of the leading electronic stores and regular shoppers may wonder. Does Target price match Best Buy? Here’s what Target customers should know before making a purchase.

Does Target Price Match Best Buy?

Target and Best Buy both sell some common electronic products and for those who wonder, yes, Target price match Best Buy’s identical and in-stock items. Apart from proof of lower price and receipt of the purchased product, there are other conditions and exclusions that customers should know. These are in place so that customers can have a seamless price match process that doesn’t affect the company’s profitability. Read the article to know everything about the aforementioned conditions and exclusions in detail.

Does target price match best buy

Conditions For Target Price Match With Best Buy

Price matching is easy and time-saving when the conditions are well-known about necessary conditions. These conditions will help you figure out what ways can you ask for a price match. After understanding the conditions, the errors don’t happen. Necessary conditions which will make the whole process easy are given below:

  • The product on Best Buy should be completely identical in color, size, model number, etc.
  • If you have already purchased the product, then you should have the original purchase receipt. you should go for the price match within 14 days of purchase.
  • The product will have to be in stock at Target as well as at Best Buy, else the price match won’t be taking place.
  • Price matching is only allowed per item, per price, and per customer.
  • If Target is not able to verify the lower price of Best Buy, they may disregard your request.

These detailed conditions will now ensure that you have the required prerequisites for the price match process.

Target Price Match Process

target price match

Now comes the process. It’s simple and time-saving. These steps will make sure that you get the price matching if the conditions are applicable. The process is as follows

  • A valid printout of the ad, or the digital version is applicable as proof of lower price. you should have either one of them with you
  • If you have already purchased an item then it should have the original receipt.
  • The target employees will verify the ad and the receipt (in the case of purchase).
  • They will also contact their competitors to verify the price.
  • Once they have verified everything and checked the availability of the product, the process of price match begins.

You can also contact their customer support team at 1-800-591-3869 for price matches on online orders.

Target Price Match Exceptions

While purchasing from Target, you should keep the exceptions in mind. Sometimes we may unknowingly go for the price match of a product and get disappointed when the same doesn’t happen. so when the exceptions will be made clear, it will help you guide throughout the process without such dismay. So let’s look into these exceptions.

  • Market place price from third-party sellers is not buy gift card
  • Low price due to typographical error is not applicable.
  • Prices from Gift cards, coupons and clearance sales are not relevant.
  • Target stores in Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible to match prices with online competitors.
  • Mail-in offers or free items are not significant to this process.

Now you know the exceptions. This will make sure you don’t make any difficulty with price matching. It gives you a clear picture about what kind of products and under what circumstance will acquire price match.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Target price match Best Buy's membership discounts?

No, Target doesn't price match Best Buy or any other competitor's membership discounts and offers.

2. What kind of proof does Target need for price match?

Customers will have to show compatitors advertisement or the current online listing for to claim their price match.

3. Will Target price match Best Buy after the purchase?

Yes, Target will match other retailers price within 14 days after the purchase.

4. How can I price match for online order from Target?

For online orders, you'll have to contact Target at 1-800-591-3869 before placing the order and direct the support executive to another retailer's online prices.

Keep in Mind!

Target will price match Best Buy’s identical items both for in-store and online orders. You may request a price match during the purchase or within 14 days of purchase. Only a lower price proof and receipt won’t do the trick. Our detailed yet comprehensible guide uncovers how the conditions and exclusions govern the price match process. It will now help you to have a hassle-free experience and get through the process easily. If you have no interest in price matching, then you can check the Target price adjustment article.

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