Does Target Price Match Amazon? Things You Must Know!

Target is one of the biggest retail chains in the U.S. and sells a wide range of merchandise at competitive prices. They offer the facility of price matching to keep up with the competition but does Target price match Amazon? One of the most successful e-commerce where prices are low. Let us get into the detail of what any customer should know about Target price match Amazon.

Does Target Price Match Amazon?

Does Target Price Mach Amazon

Fortunately, Target price match Amazon. You can request a price match at their store as well as The price match will be fairly easy if the items you are comparing are identical in brand, model number, size, weight, colour, and quantity. The item should be in-stock at Amazon and you’ll need to provide proof of lower pricing on Amazon.

Keep on reading to know which items are not eligible for a price match at Target. And whether it matches the price of Amazon discounts, coupons, and flash sales.

Can I Price Match After the Purchase?

As we know Target price match Amazon, it becomes necessary to understand when and when we can not price match. At Target you can request a price match at the time of purchase as well as within 14 days after the purchase. This applies to both in-store and online purchases from Target.

Note: price match is not possible on expired deals. You’ll need current proof of lower price on Here’s how you can request a price match for online and store purchases.

How To Price Match With Amazon at Target?

It is really simple. if you bought an item online from and see an identical item at a lower price on Amazon then, contact their customer support at 1-800-591-3889 to request a price match. A Target employee will verify the price on Amazon and reduce the price on eligible items. This is how Target price match Amazon online.

Target Price Match Amazon

The price match can also be requested at your local Target store. Use the store locator to find the nearest one,

  • Bring the proof of lower price on to the store while purchasing or within 14 days after purchase. For price match after the purchase, you’ll need the original receipt/packing slip.
  • For in-store price matching, you’ll have to show the current lower pricing of the same product on
  • The store employee will not consider screenshots as proof of lower pricing. Only a live product listing is allowed.
  • After the approval, a store associate will reduce the price at checkout.

One thing to note – Target stores located in Alaska and Hawaii will not be eligible for a price match with any online competitors.

Target Price Match Exceptions

Target will not price match Amazon, if you are trying match prices of products that falls under the exceptions. Take a look carefully.

Amazon alcohol items

  • Items containing alcohol cannot be price matched with online exclusive retailers like Amazon.
  • If the item is listed for clearance/closeout, used & refurbished items, pre-owned items, percentage off & $-off sales.
  • Bundle offer deals, free items, mail-in offers, and items sold by third-party marketplace sellers.
  • Price match is not possible on lightning sales on Amazon, including Amazon Prime deals, promotional & exclusive offers, coupons, credit card & gift card offers.

In the event of Target reducing the price of a product you just bought from them, you can check out the Target price adjustment policy to get the difference amount back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Target price match with Amazon prime day sale?

No, this being one of the exceptions, Target will not match products sold on Amazon prime day sale.

2. What kind of proof does Target need for price match?

You must bring any online ad from Amazon, while you go for a price match at Target.

3. Will Target accept price match with Amazon after purchase?

Yes, you can price match with Amazon even after purchase but within 14 days from your purchase.

4. Does Target retail and online store both price match with

Yes! you can price match Target's retail or online store with Amazon while following their price match conditions.

Conclusion and Target will price match Amazon as long as the item is identical, available in stock and the seller on Amazon is not a third-party merchant. The lower-priced item on Amazon shouldn’t be on any kind of lightning sale, discount, or coupon. For online purchases, contact Target’s guest service and for store purchases, show the executive current listing on

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