Does Lowes Price Match Home Depot?

Lowe’s is a famous home improvement store where shoppers can get products and services at affordable rates. It also keeps customers loyal by offering price matching with many major retailers. Home Depot’s inventory is very much similar to Lowes’s and it also provides competitive pricing. A question would surely arise to regular shoppers, does Lowes price match Home Depot? After some digging, here’s what we learned.

Does Lowes Price Match Home Depot?

Does Lowes Price Match Home Depot?

Considering Home Depot sells similar merchandise, Lowes does price match Home Depot. Although, customers will have to provide proof of lower price at Home Depot. Price matching is possible for both online and store purchases. Remember that lower-priced items on Home Depot should be identical, available in stock, and shouldn’t be on any kind of discount or sale.

To get a better idea of what items are not eligible for a price match, how to request a price match online & in-store, and if price matching is possible after the purchase, continue reading.

Criteria For Lowes Price Match With Home depot

In some specific cases, Lowes will not price match Home Depot or any other local or online retailers.

  • The identical item at Home Depot store/website shouldn’t be sold by a third-party seller.
  • Any Home Depot discounts, membership offers, and credit card offers cannot be price matched at
  • You cannot get a price match on refurbished products, used & open box items, and seasonal items on any competitor’s store/website
  • Lowe’s bundle offers, free offers, rebates, and seasonal promotions like Black Friday sales don’t qualify for a price match at Lowe’s

How To Price Match For Lowe’s Online Orders?

While ordering online from, if you see a similar item at a lower price on Home Depot’s website (or any other qualifying online retailer), call Lowe’s Customer Support at 1-877-565-6937 and request a price match before placing the order. The associate on call will verify if Home Depot’s offering is eligible for a price match.

On approval, the support team will help you get the item at a lower price. The price reduction will apply on the item’s price plus shipping cost. Remember that competitor’s item must be available to ship to your location.

How To Price Match At Lowe’s Store?

Lowes customer support 2

If you see an identical item at a lower price from another local retailer, show its ad, printout, or photo to Lowe’s store associate. Their team will cross-check the competitor’s ad or website before approving the price match.

Once the request gets approved, an associate will adjust the price for your item at the checkout.

Can You Price Match At Lowe’s After Purchase?

Yes, Lowes price match Home Depot and other competitors even after the purchase. You have 30 days to request a price match at Lowe’s if you see the same product for a lower price. Just as we mentioned, you’ll have to provide proof of lower pricing from the competitor to get a partial refund.

If Lowes drops the price of an item right after your purchase, you can check out Lowe’s price adjustment policy to get your partial refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Lowe's price match Home Depot's credit card offers?

No, Lowes does does not match prices with other retailers credit card or gift card offers.

2. What kind of proof does Lowe's need for a price match?

You'll have to bring another retailer's ad, printout or photo showing lower price of the identical product. They'll lower their price after verification.

3. How to match prices when purchasing online from Lowe's?

If you see lower priced item at competitor's website, call Lowe’s at 1-877-565-6937 and request to match prices before placing the order

4. Does Lowe's price match after purchase?

Yes, you have 30 days to request a price match at Lowe's if you see similar item at lower price from its qualifying competitors.


In simple words, Lowes will price match Home Depot as well as other local and online competitors for all items that meet their price match conditions. Customers will have to provide proof of lower pricing from Home Depot. For online purchases, you’ll have to call Lowe’s and direct the support agent to lower priced item on HomeDepot’s website. For store purchases, show the ad or website’s listing to any store agent.

Note that Lowe’s will not price match any Home Depot discount offer, membership discounts, or promotional/seasonal items.

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