Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon? A Clear Guide On Saving Your Money

Home Depot is people’s favourite place to shop for home appliances, hardware, tools, and other DIY supplies for homes and businesses. It competes with many major retailers by offering lower prices on many items. Additionally, its price match policy helps customers get even better deals. Amazon is a leading e-commerce giant and may have lower prices on similar items. So, does Home Depot price match Amazon? Let us explain.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

Home Depot price match Amazon for both online orders and store purchases. For online orders from, you’ll have to contact their customer support. For in-store purchases, the manager in charge will make a final call on accepting or declining your price match request. This depends on whether the item and its price on Amazon (or any other competitor) meet their price match rules.

How To Request Home Depot Price Match Online?

If you want to purchase something from and see the same item for a lower price on Amazon or from other retailers, contact Home Depot before you checkout. You can do this via their online live chat or dial their customer support at 1-800-466-3337. The support team will verify the competitor’s price and reduce the price for eligible items.

Remember that Home Depot price match Amazon’s item price plus any shipping cost.

How To Request Home Depot Price Match In-store?

Home Depot in-store price match

You may request a price match with an identical and in-stock product on at any local Home Depot store. All you need to do is show the ad, printout, or photo of other retailers’ lower price offering to any store employee. The associate may also confirm the item’s pricing by contacting the competitor.

The manager in charge will make a final decision on whether they’ll honour your request. If they do, an associate will reduce the price at checkout.

Rules For Home Depot Price Match With Amazon

Home Depot has some set of rules that decides whether you can price match with Amazon or other eligible competitors.

  • Firstly, the item should be identical and available in-store at Discontinued or out-of-stock items on competitor’s store/website cannot be price matched.
  • Any credit card offers and membership discounts (Amazon prime) are not eligible for a price match
  • Price match is not allowed on seasonal, clearance, and discounted (% off or $ off) items.
  • The item shouldn’t be sold by a third-party seller on Amazon or other competitors’ sites.
  • You’ll not be able to price match with open-box deals, bundle offers, free offers, refurbished items, and one-time-only promotions.
  • Black Friday sales and other special even sales cannot be price matched.

Can I Price Match At Home Depot After Purchase?

No. Home Depot will not match any competitor’s price if you’ve already made your purchase. However, if Home Depot itself reduces the price after your purchase, you can request a price adjustment to get the difference amount back. Here’s a complete guide on the Home Depot price adjustment policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of proof does Home Depot need for a price match?

You'll have to show competitor's ad, printout or photo at the Home Depot register for validation

2. Can I price match with Amazon for both online and store purchases from Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot allows price matching with Amazon (and other qualifying retailers) for both online orders and store purchases.

3. Will Home Depot price match Amazon prime offers?

Home Depot doesn't allow price matching on any competitor's membership offers and discounts.

4. How to price match when buying online from

For a price match on online orders you can contact their customer support and let them know about competitor's price offering before placing the order.


There you have it, Home Depot price match Amazon’s identical items as long as the item is in stock. For a price match on online orders, use live chat on the website or call their customer support team. If you are purchasing from a store, the manager will decide whether to match prices with Additionally, it will not price match Amazon prime offers, discounts, refurbished items, and items sold by third-party sellers.

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