Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart? – A Money Saving Guide

We can save money while buying electronics through sales, discounts and price match. Wondering if best Buy Price match? yes, they do, but does Best Buy price match Walmart? They do. Price matching helps the customers save money if they find the right product and match all the conditions and exceptions. Yes, everything comes with their terms and conditions, right? The article has explained all of them with ease. Understanding them will make it a hassle-free process. So, do read this, to save your money.

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart?

Yes, indeed they do. Best Buy price match Walmart’s identical items and in-stock items, for both in-store and online purchases. Price matching is an easy way of saving money while shopping. The process of price match has certain conditions and exceptions associated with it. Compare the prices of products from Walmart and Best Buy, and save money when the prices match.

Best Buy Price Match Conditions

Just like other major retailers, there are certain conditions on Best Buy price match Walmart. For a better understanding, we have listed the conditions below.

  • Open boxesclearance items, and refurbished items are not included.
  • The price matching will also be done for online retailers.
  • Identical products is only permissible for the price match criteria.
  • The product should be in stock at Walmart.
  • Only one price match, for one identical product, for one customer is applicable.

Saving money becomes an easy and hassle-free process after Best buy matches the price once the conditions seem satisfactory.

How To Price Match With Walmart At Best Buy?

You must understand the process before initiating a price match. You must carry your purchase receipt and the lower price proof to make the process smooth. After which you can follow the steps below:

walmart price proof

  • Visit the same Best Buy store you made your purchase from.
  • Provide your purchase proof.
  • Show them the low price proof from Walmart.
  • Then, they will verify your details and claim.

In case you forget your purchase proof, Best Buy price match policy suggests that they can make a call to the competitor to verify your claim for a lower price. Afterwhich your price match process will initiate. If you have not made your purchase yet, they will ask you to pay the lower price. If you have already made your purchase then the amount difference will be refunded back to you.

Best Buy Price Match Exceptions

Though the retailer offers price matching, certain exclusions still apply to Best Buy price match Walmart (or other eligible retailers). These exclusions protect both customers and the company.

  • Excludes clearance, refurbished, and open-box items.
  • Offers on coupons, gift cards, bundles, voice-only deals, and subscriptions are not permissible.
  • Offers on cellphone products, black Friday deals, and service prices are not applicable.
  • Third-party sellers are ineligible.
  • Thanksgiving deals, clearance sales, hourly sales, and special sales are not significant.
  • Including delivery and installation charges in contract-based products is not permitted.

These exceptions will help customers to understand Best Buy’s price matching process more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Best Buy stores price match Walmart's online prices?

Yes, your local Best Buy store will match the price of an identical item from

2. What kind of proof does Best Buy need for a price match?

You'll have to show competitor's ad or the current online listing on competitor's website to claim a price match.

3. Can Best Buy price match Walmart after the purchase?

Best Buy will only match competitor's price at the time of purchase. If you see the same item at Walmart for a lower price afterwards, there is nothing you can do.

4. How to request a price match for online purchase from Best Buy?

If you see the same item at a lower price elsewhere, contact their customer support at 1-888-237-8289 before placing the order.


Best Buy will price match Walmart’s identical items that are within their price match criteria. When going for a price match always keep in mind the aforementioned conditions and exceptions. Understanding it helps to make informed decisions that can help you save time and money as well. If Best Buy itself reduces the price after your purchase, you can also go for the Best Buy price adjustment process. It is an alternative way through which you can save money at Best Buy.

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