Does Best Buy Price Match Target?

Did you find prices at Target to be lower than Best Buy? Looking for an answer to does Best Buy price match Target? Do not worry we are here to help you with what to do next. Are you aware of the price match policy? It is simply a policy where a brand matches the lower price of another brand upon request. Customers with this knowledge can help themselves to save some money while shopping at Best Buy. Excited to know more about it? let us read more.

Does Best Buy Price Match Target?

If you are looking to price match at Best Buy, The foremost thing to know is that Yes, they do price match with local competitors and that also includes Target. If you are interested to match the Target price at Best Buy, you will need proof of the lower price. Best Buy price match policy also states that they will match prices with the online stores of their local competitors as well.

Does Best Buy Price Match Target

When Can I Price Match at Best Buy?

If you seem to find a product’s lower price on Target, then Best Buy will match the price. You simply have to take the proof along with you at the time of purchase. Best Buy price match policy states that they will only match the price with their competitors during purchase and not after it. If you have already made your purchase and now seem to find the lower price then you should go through the Best Buy price adjustment policy.

What are the Price Match Conditions?

To be eligible to match Target’s price at Best Buy, you must follow a few conditions. You must carry proof of Target’s lower price. The proof can be in the form of an advertisement or a digital copy. Along with this, the product you want to price match should be the same at Target and Best Buy. Even if the product is the same but the model is different then it won’t be eligible for a price match.

How To Price Match Target Items at Best Buy?

Best Buy Price Match desk

You must be aware of the lower price at Target so once you know that, you can then visit Best Buy and look for the same product and check the price. After which follow these few steps.

  • Go to the customer service desk
  • Show them the proof of lower price at Target
  • Target will then verify your claim

After your claim is successfully verified, they will match the price with Target. This process was for when you want to match the retail prices. In case you are looking to price match at, you will need to keep the proof in handly and give a call to Best Buy or simply use their online chat support system. Although you must remember that there is only a certain amount of time that you can price match with the online chat system.

Best Buy Price Match Exceptions

If you are hoping to match Target’s price at Best Buy then you should also be aware of Best Buy price match exceptions. They are a deal-breaker and if you fall under their exception category, you will not be able to price match. So here is what you can not price match at Best Buy:

Black Friday Offers

  • Price match will not be accepted if the competitor is outside the 25-mile radius of the store.
  • Third-party seller items are not eligible.
  • Products that are sold at some discount to Best Buy members.
  • Items sold on black Friday, hourly sales, daily sales, etc are not eligible.
  • Products including financing or bundle offers are also ineligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the eligible local competitors for a price match at Best Buy?

For price match at Best Buy store, all competitor's stores located within 25 miles of the Best Buy store are considered as local retail competitors.

2. What sort of proof does Best Buy accept for price match?

Best Buy willl need another retialer's current ad or its online website listing. Remeber that both products should be identical and in-stock at the competitor.

3. Will Best Buy price match Target's Black Friday sale?

Best Buy does not parice match Target's or any other competitors hourly, daily or promotional sales, this also includes Black Friday sales & discounts.

4. How to request a price match at

If you find a lower price from another retailer while ordering from ot within the return period after purchase, contact Best Buy via their online chat support or call 1-888-237-8289 to request a price match

Also, Keep in Mind

Now that you are aware of the process and its exception. Best Buy price match with Target would be much easier and you can save some money while shopping at Best Buy. Another thing to note is that if you have already made your purchase then you should take a look at the Best Buy price adjustment policy which you will be able to do while making a return or exchange. It is also easy to do so.

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