Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon? Read Before You Shop!

We all know that Best Buy is a major player for electronic sales in the U.S. With their competitive pricing and “Geek Squad” tech support service, Best Buy has become a household name in the U.S. With it comes to online retail, Amazon is considered as the biggest competition. Retailers like Best Buy would only stay relevant if they offer better service and consistent lower or equal prices with giants like Amazon. So does Best Buy price match Amazon? Let us read more about it.

Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon?

Fortunately, Yes Best Buy price match Amazon. They offer price match with select local retail competitors and major e-commerce stores, including Along with Amazon, customers can also compare prices with,,, and The price match process will be fairly simple if your item satisfies the below-mentioned price match criteria.

Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon?

Note: Best Buy only offers price matching with competitors at the time of purchase. You can not request a price match after your purchase from a Best Buy store or the online website

Criteria For Price Match At Best Buy

Now that you know that Best Buy price match Amazon, let’s check out some necessary requirements for price comparison at Best Buy.

  1. Firstly as you’d know, both products must be identical. This means the same brand, model number, and colours.
  2. The product available at Amazon must be a new product sold by an authorized seller.
  3. The lower-priced product should be available in stock at Amazon. You cannot price match with “out of stock” items.

Now, you must also focus on how Best Buy exceptions can be a deal-breaker for your price match process.

Best Buy Price Match Exceptions

Even if the item that you want to price match is within the above conditions, you may still not be able to price match with Amazon if:

Amazon prime day

  1. The item is at a discounted price due to the Amazon Prime membership
  2. You are getting a lower price because of credit card offers, daily sales, Amazon gift cards, bundle offers, coupons, or Alexa voice-only deals.
  3. Any item which is refurbished or advertised as “limited quantity” or a part of clearance sale.
  4. Third-party sellers on Amazon will not be eligible.
  5. Items that are on sale between the Friday before Thanksgiving Day and the Monday after Thanksgiving on the competitor’s site (

So even if Best Buy price match Amazon, you must check whether your product is an exception or not. Also, remember that you cannot ask for a price match at Best Buy after the purchase. If you see a reduced price at their own store or right after your purchase, then you may refer to the Best Buy price adjustment policy.

How Do I Request Price Match At Best Buy?

If you looking to understand how best buy price match amazon? you simply need to consider two points. This will also depend on whether you want to price match in-store or online.

Best Buy Price Match Amazon

  • If you are purchasing online from, you can contact their customer support via Chat Support or call at 1-888-237-8289 to request a price match. You’ll have to direct the support executive to the advertisement or website ( in this case) displaying their current lower price.
  • It’s even simple for in-store purchases. Simply go to the Best Buy or Pacific Sales store and show the competitor’s ad or website with the current lower price to any store employee. He/she will verify the competitor’s product & price and help you with the price match.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Best Buy price match Amazon after purchase?

No, only during your purchase will Best Buy price match with Amazon.

2. Can I price match Amazon third-party seller item at Best Buy?

No, You can only price match items that are sold by authorized sellers on Amazon.

3. How can I price match at

To price match at, you can contact their customer service at 1-888-237-8289.

4. Can I price match a bundle product?

No, Best Buy does not allow price match of bundle products at Best Buy.

Here’s What We Learned

These days it’s very good to have an option to price match at your favourite retailer. Best Buy is many people’s go-to place to buy premium electronics. Being aware of the fact that Best Buy price match Amazon can help you make save money while shopping. Remember that price matching is only possible at the time of purchase and the item offered at competitor should be within some specified conditions. For this, we suggest you read the Best Buy price match policy on their official site.

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