Dell Price Match Guarantee Guide with Exceptions and Complete Process Details For Every Customer

The use of mobile phones has steeply risen in this digital age. This gives manufacturers an added competitive advantage of providing the best price for their products. In this regard, Dell has come up with the Dell Price Match, which is a facility by which users will be able to compare prices of computer parts and hardware on with other online and offline retailers. Let us look at the important features of the price match, the process of availing it, and the exceptions.

Does Dell Price Match?

Dell price match policy allows you to match the prices of computer parts, accessories, and services bought on Dell with the price of those products and services available at a lower price from any other retailer.

Price Matching Facility of Dell

Broadly, price matches for products and services in two ways. Firstly, before purchase price matching and secondly, after purchase price matching. Let us explain the steps of both types of Dell Price Match separately.

dell price match

Dell Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment Period30 Days
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceYes
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceYes
Contact Number1-888-518-3355
Official Website LinkDell
Where can I do a Price Match?Contacting service center.
Visit the nearby store

Price match Before Purchase provides a price matching facility to any potential customer who is planning on getting a new computer with the latest technology and features or anyone willing to upgrade his or her computer with the latest software, hardware, or accessories. For availing a price match at before the purchase of your desired product or service, you have to-

  1. Identify the eligible low-priced service or product on the website or store of any other qualifying retailer.
  2. Share the link of that product or service for a price match with a Dell sales expert.  You can do this by calling the number- 18666611584 or through chat on

By following these two simple steps, your purchase with will be completed with a price match once it is validated.

Price match After Purchase

The process of price matching after you have purchased a product or service from is also very simple and reliable. You just have to remember one important thing that you should apply for the price matching within 30 days of your purchase. To process the price matching after your purchase on you have to-

  1. Identify the product purchased on which is sold at other qualifying retailer’s websites or stores at a lower price.
  2. Contact a Dell sales expert by calling the number, 18666611584 or through chat on Then, share the active link of the exact matching product with a lower price, within 30 days of your purchase.

After completing this process just wait for the validation of the price match and refund.

Criteria of Dell Price Match

There is a list of products that come under the criteria of the Price Match Policy of Dell. It means that any product beyond this list is not eligible for a price match at Let us look at products that are eligible for the lowest price guarantee of Dell.

Dell price match guarantee

  1. Hard disk drive capacity & Memory: The price matching and adjustment for this will happen only if more hard disk drive capacity is sold at a lower price on other platforms than
  2. Processor: promises to price match for any similar computer processor if it is cheaper at any other store.
  3. Keyboard: Price matching and adjustment will be done for any backlit or wireless keyboard, on
  4. Screen Size and Resolution: If similar or better screen size and resolution are available in any other store at a lower price than, it will do price matching for it too.
  5. Touch Capacity: Touch Capacity is another feature for which price matching will be provided at
  6. Graphic Solution or GPU: Graphics Solution or GPU is also eligible for price matching at
  7. Mobile Broadband: promises price matching for mobile broadband also.
  8. Security Features: Price matching will be done for all security features and anti-viruses.
  9. Services: This is the most amazing part of the Dell price match that it provides price matching for any service request if it is available at any other store at a lower expense.
  10. Operating System: Along with price matching for so many features also price matches for operating systems.

Eligible Retailers

Dell has specified a list of retailers with whom it matches the prices. These retailers are listed in the below-mentioned table –

Name of Specific Online Retailers

Exceptions of the Price Match


Dell price match facility is available for almost all types of Dell products. But, there are several situations or criteria in which the price matching does not apply. We present the different other low-price situations or offers for which does not offer a price match.

  1. Limited Period, Deal of the Day, Flash Sale, Clearance, or Closeout Price: will not provide price matching for any product that is low priced at any other retailer as a limited period offer, deal of the day, flash sale, clearance, or closeout sale.
  2. Any Market Place or Third Party Offer: Sometimes products and services are offered at a lower price by marketplace pages of some retailers or a third party. The policy does not apply to such types of low-priced items.
  3. Any Price That is Based on a Paid Membership or a Loyalty Program: Some retailers offer a low price to their paid members or as a loyalty bonus to regular customers. cannot process a price match for such low prices.
  4. Rebates, Coupons, Gift Cards, Bundling of Products and Services, Financing Offers, or Errors: Dell price match will not apply for low prices which are a part of rebates, coupons, gifts cards, bundling of products and services, financing offers, and errors.
  5. In-store Only pricing: Dell will not price match for a product bought at a lower price under any in-store only pricing situation.
  6. Any Low price on a Resellable Product: Generally, retailers keep low pricing on any product which is up for a resale. These products are not eligible for price matching at

These were some of the criteria that disqualify any purchase for the price-matching promise of Dell. Any other promotional offers, discounts, and Dell’s Member Purchase Program offers are also not eligible for this facility.

Dell Price Adjustment

Dell Price adjustment is another way for companies to assure the best price for customers. It means that any particular retailer offers a refund of the price difference to the customer after comparing two different prices of the same product after a gap of a particular time. However, Dell has not included this facility in its low price guarantee as of now.

Shopping Hacks At Dell

From desktop to robust gaming desktop, Dell has a great collection for computers and its accessories. We often buy from Dell but do we know that there are certain ways to save more money at Dell? Let’s take a look at those shopping hacks

Dell Rewards

  • Sign up for the Dell rewards membership to get 6% off on select purchases.
  • Shop more from the Dell deals section to get exclusive discounts
  • Get gift cards by returning your old sell items through the Dell trade-in program.
  • Enroll in the Dell Member purchase program to get up to $50 off on certain products.
  • Get Dell’s Military discount of up to 10% off on PCs and computers.
  • Get discounted coupon codes from different promotional websites and get them redeemed at Dell.
  • Shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to save more on your regular purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many does Dell provide for Price Match?

For Price Match dell give 30 days from the date of purchase.

2. Can i do a price match if computer is bought from 3rd party reseller?

No 3rd party purchases are elligible for price match.

3. Is Graphic Solution eligible for Price Match?

Yes you can price match for graphic solution.

4. Does Dell price match online?

No to process it you have to visit their store or contact their customer care.


We have presented the features, criteria benefits, and exceptions of the Dell price match in detail. If you are looking for the lowest price of any computer parts, follow the above-mentioned steps. Price matching is possible both at the time of purchase as well as within 30 days of purchase. Dell also provides a partial refund in case their store or website reduces the price right after your purchase. Moreover, we suggest you keep the exceptions in mind to save your price match requests from getting disqualified.

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