Does CVS Price Match or Price Adjustment For Their Customers? Check Out The Details

CVS, better known as “CVS pharmacy” is the largest healthcare and pharmacy company located in the US. They sell a vast variety of products which includes skincare products, healthcare products, medicines, various vitamins and baby essentials like baby shampoos, diapers and baby wipes, baby food etc. Being the leading pharmacy firm in the US, customers expect a fair price promise that would give you a partial refund in case the price of their purchased product drops right after their purchase. But does the leading healthcare firm in the US give you price protection? In this article, you will get every answer regarding the CVS price match or price adjustment policy.

Does CVS Price Match?

For us consumers, having a price match or price adjustment policy from our favorite stores becomes a necessity when there are too many competitors available in the market for similar products. Price match means simply asking for a lower price from your favorite store if the item is available for a cheaper rate from their competitor. There are many Retailers that directly competes with CVS pharmacy. This includes Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, JCPenny, Target, Rite Aid, PillPack, etc. CVS Pharmacy tries its best to provide competitive pricing on the products sold by them but sadly CVS Pharmacy does not match prices with any competitors. There is not even an official CVS price match policy mentioned on their official website. 

cvs price match

Does CVS Price Match With Their Online Stores? 

No. Unfortunately, CVS does not price match between their online and offline prices. Many customers have reported that when asked why the executives replied that the online and in-store system works differently, the products sold online have different inventories than the products available in their stores. That’s why they will not match the price of a product If it is sold cheaper on their online website. You can also take a look at Walgreens price match as they are close competitor to each other. 

CVS Price Adjustment Policy

Let us explain in a simple way, what price adjustment really is. Imagine you have bought a product from your favorite store or its online website. And the price went down right after your purchase. Now, If that store has a price adjustment policy stating that “they will give you a partial refund in these cases if their price adjustment conditions are satisfied” then you can easily put in a request for the same. But if there is no such policy on their official site that means they simply do not offer price adjustment.

Sadly, the case for CVS price adjustment is the same as for CVS price match. There is no official statement regarding price adjustment on their website. So It is safe to assume that they will not refund the price difference even if the prices on their own stores/website go down right after your purchase. Does that mean you shouldn’t even try for a price adjustment? No.

Feel Free to Ask

It doesn’t matter if the leading firms like CVS do not have price adjustment policies. You should at least try.

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  • If the price is lowered within a week of your purchase, go to your nearby store and politely request a price adjustment. 
  • If the store is not close to your residence, call CVS customer support on 1-800-746-7287 and ask for the same. Remember, the key here is to be friendly and polite. If the executive refuses, don’t be rude to them. Remember that the employees are not responsible for a company’s policy. 

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CVS Shopping Hacks

cvs extra care program

Are you a regular customer at CVS? Well, there is nothing to be disappointed about that CVS does not provide price match and price adjustment. There are several other ways too which can help us save more money at CVS.  Let’s take a look at the different hacks-

  • Get a CVS extra care card and enjoy $3 extra bucks rewards on your birthday and other exclusive coupons every time you shop at CVS.
  • Enrol in the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club and get early access to the latest beauty care program and exclusive beauty deals across CVS stores.
  • Take a look at the CVS weekly ads to get an idea about the upcoming deals.
  • Sign up on CVS mails to get early access to exclusive promotional deals and offers.
  • Shop more and save more with CVS app as they have checkout offers specially for app purchases.
  • Get CVS coupon codes from different promotional websites to save more on your next purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does cvs do a price adjustment?

Though not mentioned in their policy but if you visit them you may get a chance to get a partial refund.

2. Why are the same items different prices on CVS online and offline stores?

As they want to segment their different markets they have different price on different stores.

3. What is customer care number of CVS?

You can call them on 1-800-746-7287 to get help regarding price adjustment.

4. Do CVS has return policy?

Yes, CVS has a 60 day return period .


It is hard to believe that a leading healthcare chain in America like CVS does not offer price protection policies for its customers. Even though they do not have any CVS price match or adjustment policies in place, they still use top-notch pricing strategies to offer competitive pricing for their customers. For more information, feel free to check out CVS pharmacy. In the meantime, you can also check out our other price match policy articles on Home Depot and Walmart

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