AutoZone Price Match Policy | Complete Guide With Process & Exceptions

AutoZone is the best place to visit when you are in search of any vehicle accessories or if you are sharpening your mechanic skills. Well if you purchase at the store frequently you might have learned about AutoZone price match policy. Let’s discuss in detail about what are the exclusions and how the associates of the store will accept merchandise for a price match.

Does AutoZone Price Match?

Yes, AutoZone price match the merchandise that the consumers have purchased from the store or even online. If you find the identical product somewhere else, you can go with proof at AutoZone stores and request a price match. There are certain conditions, exclusions, and methods through which the brand will accept a product for a price match. You have to visit the store as soon as you know about the lower price of competitors’ products. But before you do so, go through the terms and conditions on their official website. At AutoZone, the ad prices already include savings.

Autozone price match

AutoZone Price Match
Price Match PeriodNot Mentioned
Contact Number1-800-288-6966
Official Website LinkAutoZone

With Whom AutoZone Price Match?

AutoZone price match with any local retailer within the specific radius who sells the same items as they are. The brand strictly price matches with local retail stores and not with, online website stores or third-party sellers. There are top competitors in the country who provide the same or similar prices as Autozone. Such competitors are listed below for your reference.

AutoZones Qualifying Competitors
Transamerican Auto Parts
Pep Boys
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Delphi Technologies
LKQ Corporation
Genuine Parts Company

Conditions for AutoZone Price Match

As long as you have proof of an identical product, the brand cannot deny your request for an Autozone price match. They have to accept the request and process the verification procedure. But, at the same time the brand also includes some of the conditions due to which in some cases, they will deny the request for a price match. The following points contain the conditions that the brand asks for your merchandise to meet.

  • The merchandise has to be the identical in every aspect from serial number to colour
  • Products have to necessarily be available in-store and in-stock
  • You can only be able to process a price match procedure once per item
  • Make sure you have not purchased the item at the time of sale or promotion

What are the Exclusions for AutoZone Price Match?

As the brand provides a price match for all their items, there are certainly some exclusions to that. AutoZone’s price match policy does not accept some of the exclusions which are as follows.

  • Offer, sales and discounts on merchandiseAutozone deals
  • Advertised items regularly with some per cent off
  • Damaged, refurbished or used products
  • AutoZone gift card or promotional products
  • Merchandise which is in the limited offer or limited stock

Does AutoZone do Price Adjustments?

Unfortunately, no, AutoZone price adjustments are not a part of the price match policy. The brand does not adjust the prices that the customers request. They provide limited goods but at lower prices, that’s why they do not price adjusts. Customers once purchase the items can only ask for a price match and not AutoZone price adjustments.

How to Save Money at AutoZone?

Besides the AutoZone price match, there are other hacks and tips through which you can save some bucks at the brand retail store. You can surely try some DIY mechanic techniques while shopping at the local retail store. Follow some tips and tricks that we have mentioned below to have a great experience while shopping at AutoZone.

Autozone app

  • Visit the website and run through various everyday deals and get a specific per cent of on the merchandise
  • Enter the code that changes monthly to get 20% to 30% off on all orders
  • Get free delivery and a bonus reward of $20 reward for every 5 purchases by downloading the Autozone app
  • Select a store and know about their daily local deal to get discounts on your purchase
  • Orders above $35 will get a next day free delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AutoZone's price match online competitors'?

No, the price match policy of AutoZone clearly states that they will not price match other websites.

2. Does AutoZone's price match Walmart?

Yes, Walmart is Autozone's major competitor so they do price match.

3. Does AutoZone take returns?

Yes, AutoZone has a return policy that the consumers have to return the product within 90 days of its purchase.

4. Can I return AutoZone parts to its any local store?

Yes, unless the product is not damaged and is in original packaging, you can return the parts to any AutoZone store.

Keep Going & Start Shopping!

Claim all the benefits while shopping for your vehicles or sharpening your mechanics skills. Apart from the Autozone price match policy, remember you have other hacks as well to keep shopping at the store or online. Learn how to keep going and save some more bucks at the retail store. You may also like Discount tire & Newegg price match policies.

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