Argos Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy Details 2022- Explained For Every Customer

Argos is a well-known catalog retailer with a huge online and offline presence in the UK and Ireland. Price match is a unique policy where the company matches the price of its competitors and gives you the remaining balance if any as a refund. It is an innovative yet excellent method of healthy competition where customers can save their money too. Let’s find out more about the Argos price match policy in detail. 

Does Argos Price Match?

Argos does not price match with its competitors. They follow the cost to serve analytics model where they calculate their total costs for selling the product. Accordingly, they set their profit margins. Though the Argos price match policy is not present, it certainly compares its competitor’s prices and offers regularly to get the best value for its customers. 

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Argos Price Match
Price Match PeriodNone
Contact Number0345 640 2020
Official Website LinkArgos

Why Argos Does Not Price Match?

Argos does not price match with other retailers but it surely does keep an eye on the market and offers the best price for its customers. Argos has a motto of providing low pricing for its merchandise for customer satisfaction. They have a very good relationship with the supply chain and thus they are often able to provide the lowest price on many of their products. Depending on their supply chain some prices vary in the UK and Ireland.

Does Argos Offer Price Adjustment?

Argos does not offer price adjustment for products once sold. To match the price of its rivals Argos often changes its price frequently. Thus price adjustment is not possible at Argos. There can be numerous reasons for a customer to request a price adjustment and since Argos is already offering lower prices, it makes it difficult for Argos to provide an Argos price adjustment policy.

What is Argos Toy Price Promise?

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According to Argos toy Price promise, if you have purchased any toy from Argos and found it cheaper elsewhere on their competitor’s page then you can definitely price match with them. However, it must certainly fulfill some conditions. The lower price found should be a competitor of Argos and the date should be same. No price match would be valid for reduced prices on different dates. Additionally, you can contact Argos within 14 days from the date of the price match to get the balance amount refunded. You can either choose to visit the Argos store or mail to them the price match proof and your proof of purchase.

How to Save More on Argos Purchases?

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Though Argos does not offer a price match or a Price adjustment policy, there are different ways that can help you save more with your every purchase. 

  • You can join the Argos membership program and be part of their complete savings program. You can enjoy a joining bonus, 20 % off on gift cards, and 10% off on all your next purchases.
  • Make use of the Argos buy now pay later option. If your purchase exceeds Euro 50, you can pay them back anytime within a year without any additional interest.
  • Make use of Argos’ stellar sales on tech and toys throughout the year.
  • Look out for free vouchers in the Argos store and website and get vouchers to save up to $10 on your next purchase above $100.
  • Have a look at their WOW deals during the month of January and July to get the best competitive prices on large appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Argos price match its competitors?

Unfortunately No, Argos does not price match with any of its competitors.

2. Does Argos price match Sainsbury's?

No Argos does not price match with Sainburys, but often the prices of few products are found with similar price tags at both Argos and Sainsburys.

3. Can I price adjust at Argos?

No, Argos does not price adjust as their prices follow the supply chain which varies regionally.

4. Does Argos offer free returns on their purchase?

Yes, Argos has a 30-day return policy to return items that do not satisfy your need or expectation.

Also, Know That

Argos does not have any Argos Price match or Argos price adjustment policies. However, for the toys section, they do have an Argos toy Price promise which is quite similar to what we know about the price match policy. The exception is the date of purchase should match with the competitors we are price matching with. Additionally, we have listed down different ways through which you can save more at Argos. We hope, our article was helpful. If you are a regular shopper from Aldi or Sephora, you can take a look at their price match policies.

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