Amazon Price Match Policy Guide Online For Every Customer with Best Price Guarantee on Pre-Orders

Amazon is most people’s go-to shopping site. You’ll find almost anything in its endless inventory. Its one-day delivery, easy returns, and prime memberships certainly make it the no 1 shopping site. But does Amazon price match any leading retailers? To know about Amazon’s take on price match and adjustments and whether there are any official policies in place, Keep reading.

Does Amazon Price Match?

An Amazon price match policy was applicable before 2016. This stated 7 days from delivery date price match policy for any product shipped and sold directly by Amazon. This policy sadly ended in May 2016. Currently, in 2022, Amazon does not offer any price match compensation on any of their product. Let us explain the reason why?

Why Amazon Does Not Price Match?

Amazon prices are often lower than other online or local retailers. This is possible as Amazon constantly compares the prices of similar products available on competitors’ websites and makes sure that the prices are always similar/lower than competitors. That’s why the e-commerce giant doesn’t find a need to incorporate an Amazon price match policy.

Amazon Price Match -

Can I Adjust the Price of an Amazon Purchase?

Amazon doesn’t offer any price adjustment on the products it sells. One reason is that amazon changes its prices very frequently to match or compete with its competitors. There might be too many cases where prices may suddenly drop and customers would want a partial refund. Which is not desirable from a business point of view. 

There is also an important factor that many sellers are competing with each other to win the sale. There could be many cases when a different seller may markdown pricing after your purchase. Amazon cannot take any responsibility for price drops provided by its selling partners. 

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What is the Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee?

The pre-order Amazon price match guarantee helps customers save money for pre-orders. Items listed for “Pre-order Price Guarantee” on the product page qualify for this guarantee. With this guarantee, customers can pay the lowest possible price on physical items or digital content available for preorders.

For example – Say that you pre-ordered a laptop (or digital content like an Amazon kindle book) and its price is reduced when it is officially launched. You won’t have to pay the initial preordered price. Even if the price increases you’ll only have to pay your pre-ordered price.

How to Save More on Amazon Purchases?

Though there isn’t the facility of Amazon price matching or Amazon price adjustment, the e-commerce giant doesn’t shy away from offering opportunities that can save you some money. Here are some of the ways.

Amazon Outlet Section

  • The Amazon Prime membership isn’t only for express deliveries, it can help you get early access to holiday deals, offers, and also free deliveries.
  • Amazon Prime members can also get the benefit of Amazon rewards by selecting the slow delivery options instead of standard 20day shipping.
  • Many product pages have a special offers section where you can find special coupons for various products. All you have to do is hit “clip coupon” and the savings will automatically apply during checkout.
  • Amazon also has a dedicated outlet section for overstock and clearance products for clothing, home essentials, beauty products, and many more. These offerings are very pocket friendly.
  • Amazon warehouse section also lists great offerings of returned, refurbished, and warehouse-damaged items at discounted rates.

It is always a steal when you know about these secret deals on Amazon. You could save a ton of money with these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Amazon price match target or other retailers?

Sadly Amazon doesn't offer price matching with any of its competitors.

2. Why Amazon doesn't price match?

Amazon constantly compares prices with other major competitors and regularly changes pricing their lower or similar prices. That's the company doesn't find a need to offer price matching.

3. Can I request a price adjustment at Amazon?

Unfortunately, No. The e-commerce giant doesn't provide the facility of price adjustment.

4. Why Amazon doesn't offer price adjustments?

The simple reason is that there may be a lot of sellers offering the same products at different prices. The prices may change very often to keep up with other sellers and also other platforms. Which makes it difficult for the company to have an Amazon price adjustment policy.


Amazon doesn’t have any Amazon price match or Amazon price adjustment policies. The fluctuating prices of their products provide consumers with the lowest prices in comparison to their competitors. This is the reason why amazon still holds the no. 1 spot for the largest e-commerce giant in the US. If you are not happy with what you paid, you may also return the product if the seller provides the facility. If this was helpful, you may also read similar articles on Newegg and Best Buy

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