Does Aldi Price Match or Price Adjust with its Local Competitors? Here is the Updated Details

As a shopper, you would always want to shop effectively and efficiently in terms of money. You certainly do not want to waste money. If you shop at Aldi then you should know you might not be saving as much as you can. It is not something Aldi will keep on announcing. Recently many brands have come up with price match policies that allow customers to save money on their purchases. So if you are wondering about the Aldi price match policy then let us help you out with it.

Does Aldi Price Match?

It is unfortunate but the Aldi price match is not possible. They are consistent in their stand on providing the best prices. Therefore they do not accept price matching on any of their products. It is also not a law for any brand to compulsorily adopt this policy. Price match generally allows brands to match the prices of their competitors. This helps brands in customer retention. So how exactly does Aldi thrive in this competitive environment? Although they do not provide price matches, they do allow price adjustment. So how does that work?

Aldi Store

Aldi Price Match
Price Match/Adjustment PeriodNo Time Limit
Match Local Competitor’s In-store PriceNo
Match Local Competitor’s Online PriceNo
Contact NumberContact Aldi
Official Website LinkAldi
Where can I do a Price Adjust?In-Store and Online.

How is Price Adjustment Different?

There is a slight difference between price match and price adjustment. Price match is a process where a brand matches the prices of its competitors. Whereas price adjustment is a process where a brand matches its price whenever there is a price drop. Therefore Aldi’s price adjustment policy works as effectively as price match because they already have a low price commitment towards their customer.

What is Aldi Price Adjustment Policy?

Aldi price adjustment policy is very simple. To start with you must remember, you can price adjust at Aldi only after you have made your purchase. It is a very straightforward process. After you have made your purchase, you find that the same product’s price dropped then you can go to Aldi with your purchase receipt and ask for a price adjustment. The receipt will work as proof of your original payment. The representative will then give the difference in the form of a refund. You must remember that Aldi will not remind you of any price adjustment. You must keep an eye on the prices. Along with this, there is also an exception you must remember.

How To Price Adjust with Aldi?

Aldi Price Adjustment

There is no specific period for you to price adjust at Aldi. You can simply follow a few steps mentioned below and successful price adjust your Aldi purchase.

  • Visit the same store you made your purchase with.
  • Ensure the price drop on your particular product.
  • Show your purchase receipt

After which the representative will check your claim and if your claim is correct, you will get a refund. The price change will be your refund. You must also remember that there are a few exceptions to take care of. These are deal-breakers for this policy. Your request will be denied if you do not follow them.

Aldi Price Adjustment Exceptions

There is only one exception to the Aldi price adjustment policy. s you know Aldi is committed to providing low prices to their customers. This differs from location to location, therefore you will find different prices at different Aldi stores. This is due to many reasons but you must remember that these prices can not be taken into consideration for price adjustment. So if you purchase a product from an Aldi location, then you are only eligible for a price adjustment in that particular location. Another exception to their price adjustment policy is that Aldi does not offer price adjustment on seasonal products.

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How To Shop More & Save Even More with Aldi?

Aldi is known for committing to providing low prices but is that all? Aldi will not always give you the tips to shop effectively and save money. Therefore we will help you with a few tips on how to save money with Aldi. One of the things we already discussed was the Aldi price adjustment policy but apart from that, these are a few things you should keep in mind.Aldi Deals Pamplet

  • You may not know but Aldi provides a pamphlet with weekly deals, make sure you get that and make the best out of it.
  • You should also take a look at the centre aisle for random good deals.
  • On some Aldi stores, you will also find a clearance rack and you could get the product at a price as less as .50 cents.
  • You can also save goods on the bakery, as Aldi gives an additional discount on products that are near to expiry.
  • Aldi gives the best deals on milk, cereals and eggs, you can save a lot more on that.

Follow a few or all of these tips and just see how much you can save shopping at Aldi. These shopping tricks can be so fun as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I price adjust at a different Aldi store?

No, you are only allowed to price adjust from the store you made your purchase from.

2. Can I process Aldi price adjustment without a receipt?

No, you will need proof of your purchase upon which your price adjustment will process.

3. Why are in-store prices lower than online?

Aldi online prices are higher because of many factors like store location, delivery, order quantity, etc.

4. Can I price adjust my online purchase at the store?

Yes, you will only need the order receipt and you can get a price to adjust on your product.

Remember This!

So even though the Aldi price match policy does not exist, the Aldi price adjustment policy is equally helpful. You can save more when you are attentive to their deals. You can also process price adjustment on any product whose price dropped after your purchase. If you have any queries for us, please let us know, share your experience with us. In the meantime, you can also take a look at other popular brands price match policies like Kohls and JC Penney.

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