About Us

We are all about providing tips on how you could save while shopping. You will find comprehensive articles on various companies that you may shop every now and then. These companies are popular and you will know how you could shop better without articles on policies likes price match and price adjustment. We at pricematchpolicies.com want to create ease in finding and researching and learning about price match policies of top companies across the world.

We don’t stop there, we continue our research and reviews to keep our readers updated at all times. Along with this, it is also important that we hear the thoughts of our readers and so we encourage them to contact us with their queries and to make it easier we have the comment section too for them to reach us easily 24×7.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to avail all information on price match and price adjustment policy in one place with the ease of locating this information for all the top companies. We intend to provide such information to help our readers shop without overpaying and let them know how they can get the best deal. At the moment we are tracking the top best companies in the US and Canada. Another reason for us to provide one-stop information on price match policies is that it can help our readers compare the policies of the top companies and help them shop better.